Laws without enforcement are just recommendations

In response to a post by Maria Winlet on the FB page, “HOA Reform – stop the abuse”,  reporting an article by Jessica Boehm of The Arizona Republic, I posted the following on the FB page:

“Want to stop this flagrant abuse and lack of homeowner protection by pro-HOA biased legislation, here in az or in any other state? Let’s hope that the uniform law commission — creator of UCIOA and its failed 2008 bill of rights version — agrees to pursue a legitimate bill of rights focused on limiting HOA government and protecting member rights, as is the intent of the constitution’s bill of rights. Set to decide this Oct. 29th. * * * * the ULC scope committee is handling the review. Timothy Berg is the committee chair. You can send an email to attn T Berg with a reference to member bill of rights. They have my history of HOA member bill of rights as posted here and on my website. We must offset CAI’s influence.”

All advocates and homeowners need to do their part if substantive reforms are to become real.

HOA advocate to advise committee on UCIOA revision

I was invited to participate in the drafting of revisions to the Uniform Law Commission’s (ULC) Uniform Common Interest Ownership Act (UCIOA) and Uniform Condominium Act (UCA). As an invited Observer with full participation rights I bring “in the trenches” in-depth experience and extensive research to restore the lost Constitution to HOA-Land.

With the advocates’ failure to nationally unite and collaborate to attain substantive HOA reforms, going forward with ULC’s statewide collaborative approach will benefit all interested parties, including HOA members. The drafting committee is comprised of conscientious and dedicated unpaid volunteer attorneys appointed by their state. Uniform Acts (UCC for example) adopted by ULC are presented to state legislators to adopt and to ease the disorder brought about by different rules in different states that affect a person’s home in an HOA.

My late 12 hour introduction into the amend and revise procedure allowed me to orient myself to the functioning of the UCIOA committee as well as presenting a few points of view. The proposed UCIOA changes are in the review process and need to be approved by the ULC commissioners at their annual meeting, yet to be determined as a result of the coronavirus restrictions.

When and if future revisions to UCIOA are in order I hope to participate more fully.