Failing to achieve substantive HOA reforms

Is there a way out?  Definitely yes!

It is not by going to state legislatures to be repeatedly rejected, or given token reforms but with no substantive redress of grievances. It is not by repeatedly expecting the courts to do homeowner justice in spite of the strong stare decisis precedent of pro-HOA laws and public policy favoring HOA-Land. It is not by expecting law colleges to provide a balanced educational program in law for students that includes HOA constitutionality.

And it is not by hoping that the media — granted special 1st Amendment protections to inform and educate the citizens on political matters — will measure up and so present the whole HOA truth that has been so long hidden from the public.

As a result of my 21 years of activism and advocacy for HOA constitutionality, and my education and detailed research, I have come to understand the greater social and political forces at work. These forces that have led to the current culture and environment surrounding the HOA legal scheme and structure. They are detailed in my “The HOA-Land Culture.”

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PA congressional candidate Andy Ostrowski stands behind need for HOA reforms

Andy Ostrowski wrote on Facebook, Homeowner’s Associations – The Perfect Storm of Corporate Cronyism and Legislative and Judicial Abuse of Constitutional Rights evincing a strong concern for HOA reforms.

Please support Andy’s campaign so he can speak loud and clear in Congress and in Pennsylvania for others to hear.

He will be interviewed tomorrow on Shu Bartholomew’s talk radio at 2:00 PM EDT.

Here’s glimpse of Andy’s Facebook article:

This property ownership and management system, under the guise of “freedom of contract” takes all government accountability out of the equation, and leaves millions of Americans subjected to the whims of appointed boards with sweeping powers to fine and sanction homeowners, and foreclose on homes for violations of HOA rules without adequate judicial oversight, and in accordance with full due process protections  – it is, in essence, a form of corporate autocracy, and that has no place at all in a country that was formed as a constitutional republic.

If it is an honest system, and the CAI and HOA organizations truly have the best interest of the homeowners at heart, and are not just trade groups serving the big corporate and banking interests, the simple assurance, through full and complete disclosure, and arms-length negotiation, that people are not giving away their constitutional rights for nothing is something that we should, as a society, expect at a minimum.

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