HOA Reformers needed to educate

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HOA Reformers are needed as educators to spread the facts about HOA-Land to the public in general; especially to the legislators, the media, the HOA boards, and to the universities and high schools.

As HOA Reformers we must look past our mindset that placates our wants, needs, and fears. Wrongs must be righted; one nation undivided under the Constitution must be upheld. We must step out of the cave with its shadow reality and into the light {Plato allegory) to discover the realities of the HOA-Land culture. It is not an easy task to reject longtime beliefs but one that must be taken.

My Plan Toward Restoring the HOA Model of Governance  called for both a systemic restructuring of the HOA legal scheme and the need to reorient the BODs and legislators. (View at https://tinyurl.com/sr27yq3). The long ignored and inexcusable questions of constitutionality that continue to harm members and the greater communities across this country must be exposed, understood, and accepted.

The Plan first requires addressing the attitudes and views of BODs, the members, and the public in general.  The conditioning and indoctrination by the biased views of the national pro-HOA special interest entity must be de-conditioned by a program of reorientation.  The commonly found guidelines of the  special-interest, pro-HOA lobbyist speak to an authoritarian government with member interests and concerns being secondary to the survival of the association. It’s an unacceptable deviation from the intents and purposes of our constitutional government.

ASU Law ignores content-neutral free speech for HOAs

Much to my disappointment, the ASU Law library has not responded to my 3 emails[i] requesting an HOA advocate resource listing on its Homeowner Associations resource webpage. Under Books CAI attorney member Scott Carpenter is listed (reference is to an AZ Bar Assn booklet on HOA law, and under Websites AACM (community manager association) is listed.

Both of these listings carry the lobbying view found in the CAI School of HOA Governance.[ii] Neither address constitutional issues nor do they contain the views of constitutional lawyers. There is a constitutional issue at play as I informed the librarian and the Law School Dean  — the illegal bias toward one party’s content while denying another party’s material content. The law requires content-neutral free speech which I believe is being violated by ASU. So, as I proposed, remove these listings, or add my books and web pages or those of other homeowner rights advocates.

How can law students from the prestigious Sandra Day O’Connor School of Law obtain access to material information concerning the long ignored HOA legal scheme that, apparently, ASU does not agree with?  Change cannot occur in the blind! There cannot be change without change!

PS:  I am waiting for a response from The Uniform Law Commission (ULC) that is drafting updates to UCIOA. Its Scope Committee is reviewing my request for ULC study of my proposal for an HOA Member Bill of Rights; it will meet again in January.


[i] Copy of email letter


To:  Beth DIFelice (beth.difelice@asu.edu)

CC: ‘douglas.sylvester@asu.edu’; Diana.Bowman@asu.edu

November 11, 2020

Email letter

Beth DiFelice

Director ASU Law Library

Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law

Arizona State University

[ii]  The foundation and principles of the School can be traced back to CAI’s Public Policies, The CAI Manifesto (its 2016 “white paper”), its numerous seminars and conferences, its Factbooks and surveys, its amicus briefs to the courts, and its advisories, letters, emails, newsletters, blogs etc. I have designated these foundations and principles collectively as the CAI School of HOA Governance.

Webinar Lost Constitution – Pt 2

HOA Lost Constitution Webinar

Veritas para justitia

(truth for justice)

The overall intent and purpose of this FREE StarMan Group webinar series is the education and reorientation of HOA members, especially the board of directors,  to long ignored issues of constitutional validity; issues that the public will not find in the propaganda from the Evil Empire.

The next webinar is planned for  Friday, June 5, at 11:00 AM PDT. 

It is a continuation of part 1 and will cover introductory  materials needed to understand the reasons for BOD reorientation. If you missed Part 1, I urge you to view the video and script prior to attending Part 2. The video is available at https://vimeo.com/421950279 and the script is here.

To receive an invitation please respond to gks256@NYU.edu with “webinar” as the subject and the email address that you will use to participate.  Invite email will be sent with info needed to attend.

Session Format

Free ZOOM webinars; mute attendees

The sessions are limited to less than 100 attendees

Time restraint to 30 minutes

Attendees may submit questions via chat to be answered at later session.

Password protected

Will be recorded

We must provoke until they respond and change the laws.


Lost Constitution webinar series – #1

I’d like to thank the attendees at this first of a series of seminars on Restoring the Lost Constitution to HOA-Land. It was my first Hosting displaying important documents.

As mentioned in the seminar, I am primarily focused on legalities but also concerned about the lack of ethical and moral values surrounding HOA-Land.  As an update, I had a recent call from a disabled widow who was allowed to have a front gate in her HOA for 23 years.  A new BOD arrived and differences arose resulting in  a citation for unapproved gate.  The BOD said prove the approval by  some prior BOD, and she couldn’t.  What happened to  the attributes of a genuine healthy community of neighbors helping another in distress, who have compassion and a charitable heart, all making for  a healthy “village”?  NADA!

Welcome to the New America of HOA-Land.

I hope you will find the webinar (see link below) helpful and useful in bringing about necessary changes by alerting your HOA BOD and fellow members as to the real nature of HOA-Land; and the private agenda of CAI.  This webinar argued, and provided documentation, that the dominant entity,  promoting its role as an educator, proclaimed HOAs to be independent principalities operating without government and judicial oversight.  And preferred it that way. That is really secessionist if you think about it for a moment. And harmful to our democratic system of government and its values and principals.

I will invite you all again for the continuation of Introduction as I delve deeper into what HOA-Land is all about; and CAI’s role and dominance over the legislators, the media, the BODs  and HOA members.  I am considering having a panel of a few advocates for an interchange of views. Temporary date is scheduled for Friday, June 5th.

I have uploaded the recording for all to see and distribute with accreditation. Look here  https://vimeo.com/421950279.

Associa calls for HOA education, but

From Associa’s blog (HOA 101, Associa Blog (May 19, 2020).

What Makes a Good HOA President?

  1. They have a student mindset.

Board members aren’t expected to be experts right away. Good presidents should take the time to learn about the state and local laws, governing documents, and the overall operations of the association. They should also seek out and respect the advice of professional partners. There is always more to learn, and the more you know, the better off you’ll be.

  1. They are good mediators.

When residents disagree, things can get heated—and board members typically need to get involved. Board presidents must maintain a professional demeanor, stay objective, and be willing to understand all points of view.

Carona   (HOA 101, Associa Blog (May 19, 2020). Associa is a national HOA management firm owned by former Texas Senator Carona,)

John J. Carona, Chairman & CEO



* * * *

I am offering this webinar to present what Associa and other CAI stalwarts call HOA 101 education, education that is biased and fails to acknowledge serious constitutional flaws with the HOA legal scheme. Get all the info needed to make a fully informed decision!

George K> Staropoli is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Lost HOA Constitution

Time: May 22, 2020 11:00 AM Arizona (PDT)

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