Donie Vanitzian memorial services

Below is an announcement for Donie’s services. If you go to the link below you can sign an online guest book.


In Memory of

Donie Vanitzian

January 1, 1950 – December 28, 2017
Donie Vanitzian, age 67, of Los Angeles, CA passed away on Thursday December 28, 2017. Donie was born January 1, 1950.

Donie is survived by.

Donie was preceded in death by.

A funeral service for Donie will be held Wednesday, January 10, 2018 from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM at Eternal Valley Memorial Park Mortuary, 23287 North Sierra Hwy, Newhall, CA 91321. A committal service will occur Wednesday, January 10, 2018 from 11:00 AM to 11:30 AM, 23287 North Sierra Hwy, Newhall, CA 91321. A burial will occur Wednesday, January 10, 2018 at 11:00 AM.

Fond memories and expressions of sympathy may be shared at for the Vanitzian family.

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I will miss Donie Vanitizian, a long time activist for homeowner rights


Much to my dismay I read the following article about the late Donie Vanitizian. 


Vanitzian 1990r

Donie Vanitizian Family photo, 1990

“Vanitzian, 67, died Dec. 28 at her house in Del Rey, the victim of an alleged homicide.”


I wrote to the author: “She was a much underrated and unrecognized activist fighting  for the homeowners.” 

I had worked with her for over 15 years and together we fought California’s revision to the Davis-Stirling Act.  She was attacked by the Evil Empire a number of times and I came to her aid in defense.

 See Longtime L.A. Times contributor Donie Vanitzian remembered as champion of homeowner rights


She authored this Homeowner’s Guide to Davis-Stirling, published by the legal treatise publisher, Thompson-West

“For more than 16 years in her Sunday Los Angeles Times column, Donie Vanitzian helped frazzled homeowners navigate the minefield that can be living within a homeowners association.

 “The columns often focused on alleged wrongdoing by board members, management companies and other people in positions of power.

“A pugnacious advocate for homeowners, she would contact legislators on HOA-related bills and even respond to readers seeking guidance, regardless of whether she wrote about their experiences in print, one colleague said.

“She had quite the following,” said her sister Alysia Vanitzian. “She would get tons of email and mail from people living in HOAs wanting to send her gifts and money, because she was so helpful.”



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HOA-Land &The Personality Cult of Donald Trump

As presented on @MorningJoe, there is a Donald Trump Personality Cult and the cult followers are, sadly and for the most part, members of the Republican Party.  Just watch the numerous, staged gatherings of faithful worship and extoling Trump as the Great Leader who has achieved outstanding accomplishments. Watch Trump basking in the sycophants’ praise, while continuing in his self-centered, distortion and misrepresentation – some call them outright lies — of the facts.

trump cult1

trump cult2


Reminiscent of Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin, Mao Zedong (Mao Tse-tung), Putin, and North Korea’s Kim Jong-un.

stalin  Mao



More reading . . .

The Trump authoritarian cult – The Washington Post

The dangerous cult of Donald Trump – LA Times

Trump’s Cult of Secrecy Is Undermining Our Democracy – Newsweek


The New America of HOA-Land

Don’t look to the parties to the Constitutional contract, the states, for help.  They have also abandoned the constitution when it comes to promoting, supporting and defending un-American, authoritarian private governments operating outside the Constitution, commonly known as HOAs.  Read more on this secession from the Constitution,

Homeowners Associations: the Second American Experiment

HOA Common Sense, No. 1: The New America of HOA-Land

HOAs as a “failed experiment”?

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And the Land Shall Be Made Good Again

In this holiday time, a repost of my 2006 poem seems to be appropriate.

Happy Holidays!!


And the Land Shall Be Made Good Again

George K. Staropoli, Copyright © 2006- 2017 George K. Staropoli

In the beginning

There was the land,

And the land was good

And the people were happy.


Soon upon the land

Came the moneychangers

In the guise of builders

Of the community.


And the moneychangers said

Behold, the covenants, conditions and restrictions

Were sacred and holy works,

And the people shall flourish and prosper.


And the legislature looked upon these CC&Rs

And said they were sacred and holy,

And that land values shall multiply ten-fold,

And the people shall flourish and prosper.


But the moneychangers were not content,

Seeking laws that forced the people

Against their judgment and wishes

Into mandated planned communities.


Soon, the multitude became angry at their plight,

Yet the moneychangers and legislature

Cast the people into involuntary servitudes

With continued tithes while disputes went unresolved.


The child-like people, seeking paradise

On earth and the gates of heaven,

Were not permitted audiences

With the magistrates.


And so the multitude suffered

A long and terrible time,

Praying for a savior one day

To deliver them from their existence.


One sect sought the accommodation

With the ruling powers and moneychangers.

Another sought a cleansing

Of an unworkable oppression upon the people.


Those seeking accommodation held fast to their desires

To see their fortunes on earth multiply ten-fold,

And that all such plans were good and just,

For the land values increased for all the community.


But many saw the desecration of the beliefs, values and ideals

Of the founders of the Great Nation that covered the land,

Saying behold the society that thou hast created,

Where Me First has replaced Love Thy Neighbor.


A babble of communities arose

By the followers of the moneychangers,

With beliefs, values and ideals of the Old Ways,

Once rejected by the Founders of the Great Nation.


Woe unto the followers of the moneychangers

For the sins of the fathers shall be cast upon the sons.

Repent now and restore the beliefs, values and ideals

Of the Great Nation and make the land good once again.

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Are ALJ orders in AZ enforceable against HOA?

The question of obtaining a contempt of court order by the superior court in an appeal of a refusal by the HOA to obey an ALJ order has not been directly addressed until this year.  It is a right specified by statute.

In 2010, in Gelb v. DBFLS (CA CV 09-0744, Ariz. App. Div. 1 (2010)) the issue was raised, but  side-stepped by the court that focused on the unconstitutional status of DFBLS adjudication. 

We now have 2 legal actions directly addressing the important question of the meaningfulness of an ALJ’s order in an OAH decision.  Without enforcement of orders against the HOA, OAH adjudication — now by means of ADRE (real estate department) — becomes a farce!

Pro Se plaintiff Witmer sought enforcement of Arizona Office of Administrative Hearings order (No. 14F-H1415004-BFS) in superior court for HOA to follow CC&Rs. An order to show cause was filed (Whitmer v. Hilton Casitas HOA, CV2016-055080, Maricopa County Superior Court, AZ, decided: March 20, 2017) seeking a contempt order as HOA did not comply with ALJ order. HOA filed for dismissal on grounds that superior court lacked jurisdiction to obtain contempt of court orders for OAH decisions. The court granted the order for dismissal.

Somehow in a confusing, twist of words, the HOA attorney makes a suspect argument that ARS 32-2199.02(B) states that “the proper venue for a contempt of court hearing is the Administrative Courts.” However, the statute reads, as relevant, “The order issued by the administrative law judge is enforceable through contempt of court proceedings and is subject to judicial review as prescribed by section 41-1092.08” (emphasis added).

 Superior Court judge granted Defendants Motion to Dismiss for lack of jurisdiction based on, it seems, solely the HOA’s attorney’s (CAI member Augustus Shaw) argument above. It held,

“Petitioner (homeowner) is seeking to enforce an administrative decision. Pursuant to Ariz. Rev. Stat. Sec. 32-2199.02 the proper venue for a contempt of court hearing (seeking to enforce the administrative decision) is the Administrative Courts, not the Superior Court.”

 In short, the Superior Court rejected enforcement as specified in ARS 32-2199.02(B).

 In a subsequent event, OAH order (17F-H1716005) that resulted on the need to file for enforcement of the ALJ’s decision occurred in September 2107 (Brown v. Terravita Country Club et al., CV 2017-055475, Maricopa County Superior Court, AZ).  This was a simple records request, which the HOA’s attorney (CAI member Bolen of Carpenter Hazlewood) sought clarification by Brown.   This case has been bogged down in supplemental issues including the dismissal of certain HOA board members.  ADRE has maintained a hands-off posture, rather than fighting “to protect the interests of the general public” as required under law.  As of this writing, there has been no final decision.

Required legislation:  For those of you living in Arizona it becomes a necessity that legislation be enacted to assert the enforcement of ALJ orders by the superior court.


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