Does your HOA manager meet city manager skills?

Let’s compare your HOA manager, even those with all those CAI “credentials,” and compare them to the equivalent of a city/town manager.  The following excerpts come from “How to Become a City Manager”?

 To become a successful City Manager, the candidate must be respectful, ethical, and trustworthy. Listening skills are key to communicating with the Mayor, the City Council, community members, and city staff at all levels.

“A City Manager is an executive in charge of the overall administration of a city’s government. In some municipalities, the officials who serve this position are sometimes referred to as the Chief Administrative Officer (or) Chief Operating Officer (or) Administrative Manager. Normally, they are hired (not elected) by the Council or City Commission to direct and manage the functions of a municipal government under direct supervision of the Mayor or the City Council.

“Hence, the minimum education for a City Manager would be an under-graduation in public administration or public policy or political science as the degree includes courses such as financial management, economic development, strategic planning, fundraising, organizational communication, project management, labor relations, public safety, city planning, policy formation and human resources. However, most cities hire candidates with at least a master’s degree program in the public or business administration or a related field.

Why aren’t HOA managers held to the same standards as in the public domain?  Why accept the CAI School of HOA Governance as the model for running an HOA that are often larger than most cities with over 1,000 residents!  Why aren’t all those state “HOA/PUDs” requiring such education and skills instead of adopting the CAI model?  WHY??


NOTE:  The above aspect of HOA governance is a solid example that there exists an HOA-Land Nation Within America.”

HOA-Land Nation “Did you know?” Part 2

HOA-Land Nation “Did you know?”

Release No. 2 —  July 4, 2019

As an HOA member, did you know that:

 ·         Your HOA board (BOD) is unaccountable under state laws with trivial, if any, penalties or punishments for violations of state laws or the governing documents?  Without meaningful enforcement to hold BODs accountable and to serve as a detriment to continued violations, you are forced to sue just to get compliance.

 ·         The much touted HOAs are democratic because members can vote is utterly without merit?  Fair elections protections, as compared with those in the public arena, do not exist under a corporation law.  Members do not have equal access to HOA newsletters, website, member lists, and use of common amenity meetings rooms, among other denials.  

 ·         To bring about equal protection of your rights, the HOA attorney sides with the BOD, his client and not you, the membership.  And as a CAI member, lobbies the legislature to maintain conditions as they are – authoritarian HOA government.

 ·         You still retain your rights, privileges and immunities as a citizen but are denied these rights under the private HOA legal scheme, functioning outside constitutional protections.

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Associa proclaims management firms as HOA partners

In its June 25, 2019 blog, What is an HOA?, Associa proclaimed that “The HOA board works together with community partners, like a Community Association Manager (CAM), to ensure the responsibilities of the association are carried out.”  And did you know that, according to Associa, “HOAs operate a lot like a local government, small business, and community collective rolled into one.”    It is the only reference to municipal government in the 4-page “What is an HOA? article, without mention of any constitutionality issues.

This is the sui generis view of private government principalities supported by your state legislature.  “Sui generis” means “unique, one of a kind” and is used to justify special laws for a special organization, the HOA. Existing constitutional law is inadequate to support this model of local governance and so, in violation of US and state constitutions,  we see all those HOA/PUD/condo “Acts” in almost every state.  These Acts constitute a parallel supreme law of the land with sharp contrasts to the US Constitution.

And so Associa has elevated HOA management firms from parties —  stakeholders – with an interest in your private home to the status of equal interests in your home. 

Associa is a nationwide management firm conglomerate with affiliations in almost every state.  It is run and owned by former Texas Senator  John J. Carona and his wife Helen, I presume.  It is a devotee and follower of the CAI School of HOA Governance.  Associa provides instructors for CAI’s certification and educational programs, being awarded “outstanding Educator of the year. ” From its web page:

 Industry Involvement

Associa leads the march into the future for community association management through participation in industry trade organizations and professional certifications.

·  *AAMC – Accredited Association Management Company

·  AMS – Association Management Specialist

·  CMCA – Certified Manager of Community Associations

·  CPM – Certified Property Manager

·  LSM – Large-Scale Manager

·  PCAM – Professional Community Association Manager

Additionally, Associa personnel include nationally published authors who have been selected to help write the courses that teach other industry managers through CAI’s Professional Management Development Program. Associa personnel have also served on CAI’s national teaching staff and have been awarded national distinctions such as “Outstanding Educator of the Year” and “Excellence in Education.”


HOA-Land Nation “Did you know?” Part 1

HOA-Land Nation “Did you know?”

Release No. 1 —  June 25, 2019

As an HOA member, did you know that:

·         You gave your home as collateral for the survival of the HOA corporation?  Not explicitly stated nor implied, but in effect you are obligated to pay assessments no matter what.

·         You are not required to read, understand or sign the CC&Rs to be legally bound to the CC&Rs, sight unseen. Taking your deed at closing bound you under constructive notice doctrine —  CC&Rs posted to county clerk’s office.

·         Your friendly Realtor is an active participant by failing to  inform you of material facts relating to the loss of rights and freedoms previously enjoyed when you were not an HOA member.

·         Your HOA, as a private corporation, is not subject to the US or state Constitutions  — the “supreme law of the land” does not apply to HOAs.  Members must seek HOA reform legislation to restore these lost rights on a one-by-one basis.

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Still finding my HOA publications, even from 2003

Latest IAC post from Deborah Goonan.

My comment:

It seems that Deborah (New research busts myth that HOAs protect property values) missed my citation on page 44, and the reference to my 2003 book, The Case against State Protection of Homeowner Associations, as well as reference to my nonprofit, Citizens Against Private Government HOAs. ☹️🤔

For all publications see StarManPub HOA Nation URL

Understanding your rogue HOA president: look to The Donald

If you want to understand the mindset of a rogue HOA president, then a prime example would be the   mindset of our Donald the Trump.  The parallels are clear: disregard for the law, ignorance of the law or contractual responsibilities, arrogance, falsehoods and lies even when strong evidence to support that the statements are false, parsing sentences and redefining the traditional meaning of words and concepts (Orwell’s Newspeak), personal attacks to slander and discredit opposition speakers, and defending his actions because he is the president.

An excellent demonstration of the above can be found in  George Stephanopoulos’  ABC 20/20 interview. After viewing this 30-minute video you can safely come away with the conclusion that Trump does not see himself as head of our constitutional federal government but just as head of his new, his extended, personal fiefdom – a corporation.

It can be asked, How come this is allowed to continue?  The answer is simple: for the most part Americans are not involved in politics or governance as witnessed by the low turnout even in presidential elections. (Note that the voting percentages are based on registered voters and not on all eligible voters of voting age, which is the truer comparison with “votes of all the members” in HOA-Land). 

We are told that this failure to get involved by HOA members as apathy.  However, it reflects reality and the false assertion by CAI and others that all will be well if the members get involved.  But this is unattainable, especially when the members have been repeatedly told by CAI that the HOA is not a government, or a quasi-government, or a mini-government, but a corporation.

The “game“ is rigged! Once on the board or becoming an HOA president you are fairly immune from assault, unless a significant number of members rally to change things, which I believe only occurs in the smaller HOAs from time to time.  However, by studying what is happening with The Donald will provide  insight as how to deal with your rogue HOA and president.

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HOA-Land and the decline in democratic institutions

The hot questions of defending the Constitution in Washington and defending constitutional protections for citizen-members of HOAs demanded a reprint of my January 2018 post: HOA-Land: the product of the decline in democratic institutions in America.

The authors of How Democracies Die provide the “glue” that ties the American decay and decline in democratic norms and institutions to the quiet emergence and acceptance of private government HOA-Land.

As for homeowner advocates and others seeking HOA reform legislation, How Democracies Die makes it clear that reforming the HOA legal scheme and state laws is a social and political movement.

See more: HOA-Land Nation publication to aid constitutionality.