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I have collected, and read over the years, several hundred federal and state opinions on HOAs, state actors, mini-governments, foreclosure, due process, equal protection of the laws, constitutionality, etc.  Must be supreme court or appellate court records. It would be helpful to all if you would forward me a link to any important cases that you’ve come across so I could add them to my database.  Email as attachment to info@pvtgov.org, or fax to private fax at 480-907-2196.

Any questions can be sent by text or, preferably, email. No calls please.



HOA advocates must become Paladins



We need more homeowner rights advocates speaking with a firm and emphatic voice to the legislators, to the media and to the public that we are knowledgeable, informed and intelligent people not to be toyed with!

We must become Paladins, warriors, especially before the state legislative sessions end. The various definitions of this term center on:

“Anyone who fights hard for something they believe in can be called a paladin; While the French word paladin means warrior . . . . As time went on, its meaning grew to include any chivalrous or heroic person; The basic principles defining a Paladin are to defend and protect the innocent and uphold the law . . . . They would defend truth and justice against the unending evil approaches.”

As Paladins we can proudly stand up to the self-serving, political agendas of too many legislators.

History: Paladins were initially known as the Twelve Peers of French Emperor Charlemagne who also had the title of Holy Roman Emperor (8th century AD).  If you are familiar with the French epic poem, Chanson de Roland (“Song of Roland”), which I learned in my French class, Roland was  Paladin.

“We must make the injustice visible” Mahatma Gandhi

Letters to Editor now available

For all these years I regarded this site as an Internet publisher, like any other media publisher, for HOA issues.  Now I think it’s time to allow for subscribers to post Letters to the Editor on relevant and substantive concerns and issues that are focused on constitutional issues.

Events and news may be appropriate provided your letter appeals  to constitutional issues or one of my six HOA defects as contained in my HOA Common Sense: rejecting private government. Letters about any local issues particular to your HOA or any revenge/grievance posts will be rejected.  

Your chance of being posted under your name depends on my review.  Submit your letters to info@pvtgov.org with Letters to the Editor as the subject.  Your name and email address must be included for consideration. You can have a voice here.