HOA Constitutional Government is the commentary website of Citizens for Constitutional Local Government (http://pvtgov.org), founded in 2001 by George K. Staropoli.  Citizens stands for “supporting principles of democratic government” as applied to the de facto, though not recognized as such, HOA system of  private  local government.

The motto for this blog, Veritas Pro Justicia (Truth for Justice), addresses the current environment where half-truths, misleading statements and falsehoods are common.  This blog contains my views to set the record straight.

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Published on February 22, 2007 at 12:40 am  Comments (3)  

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  1. you got a extremely outstanding web site, Sword lily I discovered it via yahoo. 170340

  2. Hello,

    Can you refer me to an attorney in the Las Vegas area who can help me with a potential HOA Syndrom case? Please email me the info at mirceasangriu2004@yahoo.com

  3. We live in Texas,we bought 3years ago a newer house and moved in. We have to sign that we agree with deed restrictions, otherwise we could not buy. This document gives lot of rights to the builder and impose a lot of unnecessary restrictions on homeowners. We were allowed to get copy of it after we became HOA members,not before. There is some possibility to get it from court before buying , but it is time consuming and costly we were told by real estate agent. The restrictions were as everywhere , he said. Before we live in older community with HOA. There the restrictions were common sense. Bord consisted of real neighbors voted in by homeowners , violation they sent letter about were real violations. Second notices were delivered only to people who did not paid maintenance fees for months at a time or for other serious matters. It was good for everybody in community. Board hired and fired management companies if their fees get too high or when their work was not satisfactory.
    So it was chock for us in new place to get almost every months a letter of violation. Letter was always prefabricated letter and only in the bottom was short message like: mow your lawn, do edges, remove your trash can from street view , remove bike from the drive way, weed your flower bed. We did not understand what it is about until it slip from board member mouth in meeting that administration get extra $ 40 for each letter of violation they send. He said it because he was cornered by many angry members present in the meeting. There were not many but everybody who was there was angry . But administration did not bother. They have our HOA board absolutely under control. This year they decided there will not be meeting, but fees will go up anyway. Nobody can become a board member , who is not willing to be manipulated by the administration. They have real power . What can be done ? With whom we can join to fight them ?

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