State legislators have placed HOAs above the law

There are strong parallels between the shameful conduct of our elected officials in Washington and that of “elected” HOA boards, each made possible by the strong support of irrational, dogmatic cult followers. In turbulent Washington with the upcoming impeachment of trump, Congressional Democrats and some Republicans are staunchly upholding a fundamental principal of democracy: no one is above the law!

To allow any person or organization to operate above the law is to reject the US Constitution founded on representative democracy. In Washington there is the minority faction of Republicans and in HOA-Land[1] there is the a majority faction of homeowners who accept the conduct of the leadership, failing to recognize its wrongful and illegal conduct. By their active support, these authoritarian followers[2] are placing the leaders above the law. Cults exhibit a lack of any freedom of mind by their followers who blindly and irrationally submit to the will of the cult leader.

“What has this to do with state legislatures and HOAs,” you may ask. Plenty!

Over the years state legislatures, each and everyone, have by acts of commission and omission enacted special legislation — generally known as PUD, CID, HOA, POA, etc. Acts — for a special class of nonprofits that placed HOAs above the law. While granting and permitting broad de facto political governance over the residents of the HOA subdivision, HOA boards of directors, the directors themselves, the officers, and their attorneys and managers/firms are not subject to effective enforcement by the application of meaningful penalties.

There are none or hardly any provisions for the enforcement of the law that are substantial enough to serve as a serious detriment to continued HOA board violations of the law and their contractual obligations. This unconscionable state of affairs is the result of the failure to enact legislation to hold HOAs answerable to the law. It is the public policy set by the state legislatures, themselves, as found in their enacted laws to hold and place the HOA and its leadership above the law.


If Trump is not impeached and removed from office, there would be little hope that the state legislatures would feel compelled to honor their oaths to uphold the US Constitution and to hold HOA-Land to the laws of the land. The shameful conditions of HOA-Land statutes will continue with little fear of Congressional interference. Without the fear of enforcement – shared by HOA- boards — State legislatures would be given an enlarged “free ride” that violates the US Constitution.


Author’s note:  The public needs to stop being conned by “political correctness,” which is the real-world embodiment of Orwell’s Newspeak.

“Many can see the parallels and extensions of Orwell’s 1984 in the real 1984, and current world. In 1949 George Orwell published 1984 where the fictional Oceania (formerly known as England) is a totalitarian state that has instituted a new society designed for the survival of the country. . . . Thought Police (don’t speak out or question, or else); Doublethink, creating the ability of the people to hold and accept two contradictory thoughts at the same time; Newspeak, the official language, replacing English, that redefines words and concepts; Ministry of Truth, the agency of propaganda and historic revisionism; and the Ministry of Love, the agency of regulations and enforcement.”[3]

Political correctness is not ethical or moral correctness! It has been instituted in the US to support the government from attack or criticism. Its purpose is to intimidate the public, by social ostracization, from its right to free and open political free speech and discussion. And it has been very successful both in general and in regard to HOA members.



[1] Definition of HOA-LAND:  HOA-Land is a collection of fragmented independent principalities within America, known in general as “HOAs,” that are separate local private governments not subject to the constitution, and that collectively constitute a nation within the United States. For more see, Defining HOA-LAND: what it is. (George K. Staropoli, HOA Constitutional Government.)

[2] See in general, “HOA political dynamics: totalitarian democracy.” George K. Staropoli, HOA Constitutional Government.

[3] George Orwell’s 1984 is alive and well in HOA-Land, George K. Staropoli, HOA Constitutional Government.

One thought on “State legislators have placed HOAs above the law”

  1. The author has some excellent points. Legislators, and especially courts and regulators, have been allowing HOAs and COAs unreasonable powers and authority. The victims are often unsuspecting homeowners without the knowledge or resources to defend, — virtually helpless.
    The article loses credibility and respect with the introduction of comparison to an unresolved political situation involving parties with unlimited resources.

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