Evaluating HOA legislative reform performance

This posting spells out a simple measure of evaluating how well advocates performed at the legislature.  It uses 2 indicators: one places a weight or importance factor to a bill and the other reflects whether or not the bill passed or failed.  Give it a try.

I use the current status of HOA bills in Arizona as an example.  Feel free to adjust the weights as you see fit.



(as of March 21, 2107)

HB 2146 1 F -1
HB 2321 0 P 0
HB 2411 1 P 1
HB 2419 1 P 1
HB 2496 2 P 2
SB 1060 0 P 0
SB 1113 -1 P -1
SB 1175 2 P 2
SB 1240 -2 F 2
SB 1288 2 F -2
SB 1289 2 F -2
SB 1400 1 F -1
SB 1401 2 F -2
SB 1402 1 F -1
SB 1416 0 P 0
SB 1429 1 F -1
TOTAL 13   -3


Performance rating:    -0.19 (-3/16)

Rather than a simplistic ‘body count‘ of bills, I prefer an Performance Rating (PR) where weights –  values –  are assigned to a bill.  Values from -2 to 2 are appropriate here, -2 being strongly opposed, 0 being neutral, and 2 strongly in favor.  Example:  take 4 bills.

Bill 1, value of  1

Bill2, value of  2

Bill3, value of  2

Bill4, value of -2

Total value 3. Divide by number of bills, 4, and PR becomes .75.  If bill4 is revalued at -1, then EM becomes 1 (4/4).  Take a lopsided case of -2, -2, 1, 0.  This produces an PR of -.75, a  real bad day at black rock.  Interpretation: a number of opposed bills passed.   Take another case where several bills are given a neutral value:  2,-1 0, 0 yields an PR of .25.  Not good for advocacy efforts.

Weakness lies not in the PR calculation, but in getting a fair assessment of values and not assigning values to make you look good.  Of course, values must be assigned beforehand or at time of an amendment.

An important aspect:  Passed and failed.  The value is result rated (PF) where Pass = 1 and Failed = -1.   A For bill passing gets a PF of 1 and if it failed it gets a PF of -1.  Similarly, an against bill gets 1 for passing and -1 for failing.

Using 2 factors allows you to assess the importance – value – of the bill and its legislative result, pass/fail. It is a much better measure of how well an advocacy campaign reached its goal of 2.

As you can well appreciate, there is a need for integrity in the rating process.  If you overrate the value and the bill fails, you lose big.

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  1. The March 24th (AM) evaluation shows a dramatic drop in the Performance Rating as bills bite the dust. It is now -.89.

    Rate the bills and advocacy performance yourself, and let’s do an averaging of all evaluations.

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