Where are the AZ HOA reform bills?

A group of Arizona homeowners/advocates have been meeting monthly since the summer with Senator D. Farnsworth to arrive at a set of HOA reform bills. As of this date, some 419 bills have been submitted that include only 2 reform bills, HB 2146 and SB 1060, both minor technical bills.

However, since only some 33% of the final bill total has been submitted, based on historical records, I would hope the more controversial bills would be submitted just prior to the deadline. The deadline is Jan. 30th.

The AZ group, known as the Arizona Homeowners Coalition, has proposed some 14 bills.  I hope they have better success with the more controversial bills of substance.

(See http://arizonahoa.blogspot.com/p/blog-page_6.html).

Is your legislature really interested in HOA reforms?  I think not.

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  1. Please spell out words. Are HO’s homeowners? What are MC’s? property management companies? Agree that accountability is needed. I own a condo in which we had a Board member who being paid for ‘services’ which no one authorized, were not services, and were against our documents. Working along with him was a property manager who should be behind bars but is not and a major law firm – the one in Tempe with their name across the top of the high rise next to Sweet Tomatoes. If there is a group of homeowners working together to get corrections who are they and how do we get in touch with them. With so many homeowners we should have a huge group of people working together to correct some of these issues!

  2. Are Legislators reading this? Are you searching the internet to understand how critical HOA reform legislation is to HO’s not just in AZ but across the country? HO’s are losing significant money bc of rogue HOA boards and bad advice from MC’s. MC’s need to be held accountable when a board does not comply with State Statutes and their CC&Rs, but above all MC’s need to be licensed and regulated. Jimminy Cricket, my dog needs to be licensed and MC’s handle million’s of dollars and act like a bank? Every week there are cases of embezzlement by MC’s and/or board members and when the results are in the punishments IF there is a punishment is minimal.

    I hope Legislators are reading this site and I sure hope that most of those bills mentioned are sponsored. It’s TIME and it’s CRITICAL.

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