Holiday season: a time to reflect on HOA-LAND values and beliefs

What are the guidelines for moral and ethical behavior in HOA-Land and in America?

The following is a philosophical dialogue about the need for a god and its value to a society.  It occurs, surprisingly, in the History Channel Vikings series on Dec.   21, 2016.  King Eckberg of Wessex is based on a real person living in the early 800s in England.  Ragnar is the legendary Viking king who raided England.

Eckberg:    If gods don’t exist then everything has no meaning!

Ragnar:      Everything has meaning.  Why do you need your gods?

 Eckberg:   If there were no gods then anyone can do anything. Nothing would matter.  You can do as you like.  Nothing would have meaning or value.  If gods don’t exist it is still necessary to have them.

 Ragnar:      If they don’t exist we have to live with it.

In America today we are witnessing the truth of this elegant TV dialogue.  As I’ve written earlier, the US Supreme Court has killed God as a determinant of ethical and moral behavior.  If the teachings of God have no legal effect, then it follows that ethical and moral behavior, on the broad scale of a society, suffers.   Especially when no substitute guidelines were offered to fill in the gap.

Rather, political correctness entered the picture, which is an offshoot of  Ragnar’s philosophy, where there are shades of grey and the traditional meanings of words are blurred or lost altogether, ala Orwell’s Newspeak.  And to criticize another is ghastly behavior.  PC promotes the view that we all have rights and can assert them!

Does Ragnar’s view help explain the events occurring almost daily in shootings and killings, and asinine political decisions?

With society adopting the PC version of Ragnar’s view, it also helps to understand why substantive HOA reforms of a constitutional nature are ignored by our elected officials.  Echoing Eckberg’s argument: Without a god, anyone could do as they please.

Sadly, as Ragnar summed it up: If they don’t exist we have to live with it.  And we are!

Are you ready to Make America Great Again?


Happy Holidays!

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  1. Thank you! Made my morning better, George. Very few people have the courage to write, “asinine political decisions,” I admire you.

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