CAI attempts to denounce grassroots HOA legislation as ‘knee-jerk’ reaction

CAI has elevated us from “a handful of malcontent troublemakers” of the 2000 – 2005 era to characterizing us as “a threat to societal values and interests” and proponents of “knee-jerk reaction legislation[1] (following the statements made by AZ Rep. Ugenti to the AZ legislature in 2013[2]).

That’s a step up the food chain, but what does it mean?  It means that CAI is realizing that the issues and arguments advanced by advocates are not only legitimate, but rise to the level of a social movement.   It also means that CAI has continued over the years with its indoctrination of the masses using its model of community government (HOAs) that ignores questions of unconstitutionality and state law violations. This has been accomplished by its Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda, purported to be educational for a better America.  Why, then, is there are no references or quotes from constitutional lawyers.

How can CAI CEO, Tom Skiba, state the following with a straight face? “The findings objectively refute the unfounded and unsubstantiated myth that the community association model is failing to serve the best interests of Americans who choose to live in common-interest communities.”[3]  Is that a self-asserted claim to professionalism or a plain example of self-serving propaganda?

Yes, that’s what we are saying about not serving Americans, but HOA-Landers.  Apparently Skiba has ignored the advocacy polls showing that there are indeed widespread and substantial legal problems with the HOA concept.[4]

In statistical terms … the table below shows that the CAI and Combined responses (average percentages) come from 2 distinct samples of the HOA population at a 99.5% significance level. Now, in laymen’s terms, what does this mean and how can this wide gap in views be reconciled? First, the lauded CAI surveys do not represent the complete population of HOA members as claimed by CAI and these surveys cannot be promoted as representing reality within HOA-Land.

AND FURTHERMORE,  Look where CAI had to go to find support: (with all due respect, in an automobile industry journal, the Coventry Journalism Review 2010[5] (“Coventry Journalism Review 2010 is a collection of academic papers on journalism and the media from postgraduate students of Automotive Journalism, Global Journalism and Health Journalism at Coventry University”, which I believe is a British website/publication), in an article written by a Daljinder Nagra. Who??  There is no statement of author’s credentials.

 WOW!  How desperate is CAI to maintain its selective rosy portrait of HOA life, while ignoring the plight of homeowners depicted, as a sampling, by the Judy Thomas series of articles in the KC Star[6]???  It’s a “let them eat cake posture”!   Is that the new vision of a healthy and robust community desired by Americans?  I think not!



[1] CAI Community Affairs Blog, Aug. 18, 2016.

[2] See The influence of HOA special interests on an AZ legislator — SB 1454.

[3] CAI Letter to Editor, Kansas City Star.

[4] See Combined Advocate Surveys vs. CAI surveys.

[5] See Moral Panics: How Media Influences the Legislature.

[6]HOAS From Hell”, Judy Thomas, KC Star.

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  1. Thank you George Staropoli for keeping us well informed.

  2. CAI has finally met it’s match. A skilled journalists who is on the streets investigating the abuses that homeowners are taking in the HOAs is going to bring CAI the exposure they have needed for decades.

    Judy Thomas and the Kansas City Star have a lot more coming so CAI might want to buckle their seat belts and get ready…this is only the beginning!

  3. If CAI is interested in knowing how HO’s feel, they could start by reading a recent thorough survey done by Jill Schweitzer of HOASavers. No one with a straight face who’s had interaction with CAI could possibly trust them. They are shills for attorneys. While the AZDRE represents both CAI and AACM as being helpful to HO’s, my advice would be to forego any conversation that includes them.

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