KC Star: problem with HOA? Don’t go to CAI

KC Star HOA articles by Judy Thomas, Aug. 3, 2016

Please read these articles that do not hide the facts about HOA-Land.  Buyers have been misled about HOAs for years.  The truth is out there!

In “Group shifts its mission” below,

“If you’re looking for help because your homeowners association is pushing you around, there’s one place you may not want to go:

The Community Associations Institute.

“Although the organization says it works to promote harmony in HOAs, it actually sides almost exclusively with HOA boards, critics say.”

 See also comments and website links of HOA reform advocates.  I am quoted: 

Citizens for Constitutional Local Government

Founded by George Staropoli, a Phoenix homeowners’ rights activist. Website is http://pvtgov.org/pvtgov/.

Homeowners associations have established a “New America contrary to that of The Founding Fathers, and one that has not only changed the physical landscape across America, but the cultural, social and political landscapes as well.”


The KC Star HOA articles, Aug. 3, 2016

Do you have a homeowners association story to share? Let us know, Kansas City Star

Have you had positive or negative experiences to share about your homeowners association? Kansas City Star reporters would like to hear them

Group shifts its mission — and homeowners get left behind, Kansas City Star

If you’re looking for help because your homeowners association is pushing you around, there’s one place you may not want to go: The Community …

 HOAs from hell: Homes associations that once protected residents now torment them, Kansas City Star

“Door after door, complaints about the homeowners association were laid upon … at War: The Creepy Case Against Your Homeowners Association.”.

 Garage doors can’t be cordovan — and more odd HOA stories, Kansas City Star

Last year, when it was time to paint again, she decided to stick with the cordovan trim, and her son, Ken, got the homeowners association’s approval.

 You can run an HOA well, even after vowing to never live in one again, Kansas City Star

Ed McHardie gets it when he hears horror stories about life in a homeowners association. He has a story of his own. In fact, he once vowed to never …

 Critics say many avenues can lead to reforming the HOA mess, Kansas City Star

The CAI says a registry can become a financial burden on a homeowners association. Charging “per door” fees for registration is not fair, it says, and …

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  1. […] KC Star: problem with HOA? Don’t go to CAI (2016).  Excellent series, but failing to address substantive  constitutional […]

  2. Thanks for the link to KC star. I just sent off my story.
    Lets hope some light can be shed on the issue.
    I have gone through a great deal of hardship due to our HOA.

  3. We must defend our champions like Judy!

    We must continue to do battle against all CAI opposition using evidence and legal authority to discredit them and to make them answer even more questions. Judy gave us a platform for a dialogue. Let’s “milk it!” Let’s use it to our benefit and not waste it. Don’t know when we’ll get another opportunity.

    Put them on the spot with leading questions, like,

    So you agree that HOA boards must strictly enforce CC&Rs because you, CAI, don’t trust the HOA membership? Oh, you believe disorder and standards will fall apart and chaos will result if not? Isn’t that the modus operandi of all dictatorships, strict, harsh and unfair punishments? Of course HOA boards are unfair. Do you really think the kangaroo courts are fair and just?

    Get the dialogues going. Tweak CAI! Press its hot buttons! Force them to answer our questions.

  4. Great, George! Keep spreading the word….the truth is FINALLY being told in the media!

    Thank you, Judy Thomas!

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