K – 12 education fails to inform students about de facto HOA government

Arizona advocate Jill Schweitzer published her concerns about the effects of HOA governance on the children living in and growing up in an HOA.[1]  It immediately came to mind how their perception of American democracy and fundamental values of justice, individual rights and equality are so warped by their experience of being subject to the de facto HOA system of government.

Meanwhile, our children and grandchildren are being taught in the Arizona Dept. of Eds. Social Studies program (and I believe in every other state public education system) about a foreign system of government known as the US Constitution.  HOA governments are in essence a parallel – a shadow – government existing alongside constitutional government: A system of government that opposes the Constitution with its protection of individual property rights.

This failure to educate the kids is a major cause of social unrest and will be for generations to come. Today’s students will not be prepared for the reality of HOA life, mistakenly believing, as taught in public school, they live with all the rights, freedoms and privileges of US citizens. The HOA model of government does not recognize US citizenship.[2]

The Arizona high school civics/government standards are comprehensive and detailed. Strand 3[3] encompasses 5 major “concepts:” Foundations of Government, Structure of Government, Functions of Government, Rights, Responsibilities and Roles of Citizenship, and Government Systems of the World.  But not one mention of the form of government in our own backyard that controls and regulates some 20% – 23% of Americans.

In 2015 the Arizona Legislature passed HB 2064 (Ariz. Sess. L. Ch. 1 (2015)) that required high schools students to pass a civics test in order to graduate, beginning in 2017.[4]  The student must correctly answer 60 of 100 questions. A student failing the civics test may retake it until he/she passes the test.  The test is based on the civics portion of the naturalization test for US citizenship. The 2015 test makes no reference to de facto HOA private governments and how HOAs differ from municipal governments.

It is well beyond time that state departments of public education face up to the reality before them regarding HOA private governments, and how they differ from constitutional government. The students cannot be misled any further if social harmony is to be achieved.



[1]My Big Bad HOA,” YouTube video.

[2] HOA member Declaration of US and State citizenship.

[3] Social Studies Standard Articulated by Grade Level, High School.

[4]Civics Test  and Administration Manual,” AZ Dept. Ed., 2015.  See Can your HOA board and managers pass this proposed Arizona HS graduation civics test?

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  1. This is excellent. I believe we all should contact our Legislators and City Supervisors to get this on the school curriculum. The more you know the better decision you make.

    • Agreed, but not the Kool aide education from hoa lobbyists 🙂

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