HOA acts against secretary of state

On the lighter side — #MadamSecretary #TeaLeoni – last night’s Madam Secretary TV episode had Madam Secretary’s ”neighbors,” read “HOA,” serving notice of serious violations: security detail was disruptive, running their car engines all night, as required by protocol, was annoying, people coming and going and  parade of tourists disturbed the peace and tranquility of the community.  The HOA threatened a law suit that included a demand that Madam Secretary to move out.

In an act of good faith, the HOA was invited into her home to discuss the concerns of her neighbors, at which these serious concerns were voiced.  Not being able to appear due to an issue of international importance, her husband tongue lashes the neighbors for their pettiness and narrow-minded views, and throws them out.

However, upon the return of Madam Secretary, with another act of goodwill, she must call the President to order the security detail to turn off their engines, at least for that night.

The issue remained unresolved at the end of the episode.


I wonder how the court would deal with such a predicament. Consider that on Jan. 11, 2016,

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled a portion of a federal law making it a crime to wear an unearned military medal is unconstitutional and violates an individual’s right to free speech.  “Suppressing a symbolic communication threatens the same First Amendment harm as suppressing a written communication,” Judge Sandra Ikuta wrote in the majority opinion. “Wearing a medal has no purpose other than to communicate a message.”  (US v. Swisher, App. 9th Cir, No. 11-35796).

This ruling was held in spite of the purpose of military valor medals signifying “that the recipient has served the military efforts of the United States with valor, exceptional duty, or achievement worthy of commendation.”

This overriding attachment to protecting free speech, regardless, is leading to the decay and disorder within our society. It reflects a bias by the courts favoring the passions of the people, which would eventually lead to chaos followed by dictatorship to restore order.  History would repeat itself, even here in America.

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  1. There was also an HOA issue on The Good Wife last night. The Good Wife main character was told she needed to stop running her law firm out of her apartment as against the CC&Rs. However, her young daughter discovered there were several others in the building with businesses out of their homes and the Board choose to look the other way.

  2. History is already repeating itself. We have had a dictatorship for the past 8 years; the presidency of Obama. He rules by executive order, thus bypassing Congress and acting as a dictator. Congress does nothing because they’ve been bought and paid for. We have two Democratic candidates who would love to turn this country into a socialist state. This is the not the America you and I grew up in and I fear it will never be the same as it once was. I really feel for my grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The young people in this country haven’t a clue and will willingly vote for these Democrats. By the time they realize what they’ve done it will be too late to change. Sorry, I’ll get off my soapbox now!

  3. Very interesting. That reflects the new study out by Matthew MacWilliams “Trump’s electoral strength—and his staying power—have been buoyed, above all, by Americans with authoritarian inclinations” and “Authoritarians obey. They rally to and follow strong leaders. And they respond aggressively to outsiders,”

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2016/01/donald-trump-2016-authoritarian-213533#ixzz3xc0WIpCP

    Yes, if we allow people to override the constitution so we can get a “strong” leader that puts our agenda into play and overlooks or disregards the constitutional process–becasue they are sick of the chaos and want order restroed–we have lost the democracy–that is just what is happening. It’s the natural flow of things–disheartening but understandable.

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