representing yourself in court against HOAs

An excellent post in the August 15, 2015 L.A. Times column, Associations, by Donie Vanitzian, and co-written by attorney Zachery Levine, contains important information on HOA litigation.  Please read it and see what you are up against, and what is needed to have a chance at winning in court.  Thanks Donie for all your good work.

An excerpt:

Success in litigation is based on legal knowledge, resources and organization. Deadlines arise frequently, necessitating quick and timely responses. You are responsible for monitoring what the other side is doing and filing. You must know all applicable deadlines for your case and how to calendar them.

Good luck.

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  1. Many times, the restrictive covenants and bylaws that HOA boards use are generic, “canned” documents. They often lead boards to act in arbitrary and capricious manners. I find that boards do not enforce what is written. They govern improperly. That’s where you use the laws of the land against them. For instance, they will deny a disabled person the use of a window mounted air conditioner while their buddy in the same community has full use of one. The worst HOA’s are the ones that have homeowners who both sit on the board and also manage the community. They often make up rules as they go along with no legal filings of changes with county courts. HOA’s have run amok.

  2. That did not really tell you how to have a chance at winning, so much as how not to get caught in the legal web of entrapments that make it almost a necessity to have a lawyer. Went 2 1/2 years trying to negotiate on my own with my HOA to find a happy medium. Then when it seemed like the final hour before I was to go to court I got scared and hired a lawyer. Before I knew it this lawyer claimed to be negotiating again on my behalf which I did not authorize. I hired him to speak for me in court. Now I’m already in the hole $10,000. And it has not gone to court and at this price, is no longer small claims court. I do not believe lawyers are here to help a homeowner. HOA’s and the legal system have turned me into a unhappy, unhealthy and poor person. What a racket. All I wanted was to make my new 1994 home updated and pretty. Do buy in a HOA. HOA’s and the people that make money from them are evil.


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