the role of homeowners is simply to provide corporate HOA revenues

On today’s This Week on ABC, the host described Ferguson’s policy, based on the DOJ’s report, as “taxing those in poverty for revenues rather than treating them as citizens.” I believe, as fellow activist Donie Vanitzian has repeatedly stated in Villa Appalling! [1], the purpose and function of homeowners in HOAs is to provide revenue for the HOA government [2] rather than treating them as citizens of the HOA.

I don’t think that the HOA Stakeholders, led by the self-anointed national lobbyist educational organization, would dare now argue that homeowners are indeed citizens of the corporate HOA business.  It would be an oxymoron.  I don’t think homeowners realized that their purchase solidified them as guarantors of the HOA’s survival in that their homes were pledged as collateral for their continued payment of assessments.  This pledge is implicitly contained in the CC&Rs, which they supposedly agreed to with full knowledge.


  1. Villa Appalling!: Destroying the Myth of Affordable Community Living, Vanitzian and Glassman (Villa Appalling Publishing 2002).
  2. Numerous court cases have upheld a “pay until you die” doctrine found in state statutes and HOA CC&Rs. Homeowners are denied the legal protection of FDCPA, by simply filing a certified letter, of no payments until disputes are clarified.  Homeowners are not even allowed to place disputed amounts into an escrow account.  Numerous court cases have defended this special application of the law as a matter of the HOA’s survival.
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