PA congressional candidate Andy Ostrowski stands behind need for HOA reforms

Andy Ostrowski wrote on Facebook, Homeowner’s Associations – The Perfect Storm of Corporate Cronyism and Legislative and Judicial Abuse of Constitutional Rights evincing a strong concern for HOA reforms.

Please support Andy’s campaign so he can speak loud and clear in Congress and in Pennsylvania for others to hear.

He will be interviewed tomorrow on Shu Bartholomew’s talk radio at 2:00 PM EDT.

Here’s glimpse of Andy’s Facebook article:

This property ownership and management system, under the guise of “freedom of contract” takes all government accountability out of the equation, and leaves millions of Americans subjected to the whims of appointed boards with sweeping powers to fine and sanction homeowners, and foreclose on homes for violations of HOA rules without adequate judicial oversight, and in accordance with full due process protections  – it is, in essence, a form of corporate autocracy, and that has no place at all in a country that was formed as a constitutional republic.

If it is an honest system, and the CAI and HOA organizations truly have the best interest of the homeowners at heart, and are not just trade groups serving the big corporate and banking interests, the simple assurance, through full and complete disclosure, and arms-length negotiation, that people are not giving away their constitutional rights for nothing is something that we should, as a society, expect at a minimum.

Read more at PA congressional candidate rejects HOA-Land


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  1. I’ve written to Andy and I thank you for bringing this to our attention. Please keep up the good fight George.

  2. Thank you George for taking your time to inform and educate..

  3. George, I have been told by one CAI attorney that the “Constitutional argument is a loser” in working toward reform of local governance, and in particular, righting the wrongs in HOA Land.

    I was once also told by a coworker and suspected thief that she “didn’t take anything.” Guess what? Not long after I filed a confidential report with management, an investigation resulted in a search warrant, where the stolen goods were found in her home. Busted.

    The Security manager debriefed me after the fact, and told me that whenever a scoundrel vehemently denies the obvious, it is, in fact, usually a clear indication of wrongdoing.

    The standard mantra is that HOA issues are “state issues” and “civil matters,” with vehement denial of the applicability of Federal oversight or equal protection under the law, to include holding wrongdoers criminally liable when appropriate.

    They doth protest too much.

    It means we have hit a nerve. Certainly an industry that has become Too Big to Fail is now also deemed to be “in the public interest,” wouldn’t you agree?

    Keep spreading the truth. It’s starting to sink in.

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