PA congressional candidate rejects HOA-Land

Congressional candidate Andy Ostrowski posts on his blog,[1]

During my run for Congress, I have met many people with many unique needs for assistance, and government action. None has been as compelling as those Americans who are involved in property ownership in Homeowners’ Associations (HOAs).

HOAs, and their Boards, serve public purposes traditionally reserved for governments, and elected officials, and this reveals one of the true hearts of the problem – there is no accountability to oaths of office to uphold and defend the constitution. People who try to sue these HOAs are told that they are not government entities, and do not have the same responsibilities and duties as do their governments. They are creatures of corporate law, and planned development acts.

This is a true civil rights issue as it involves legislatures across the country enacting laws that cut off constitutional rights, and access to courts for millions of Americans, and I will fight to give government back to the people by fighting for the rights of these individuals.

Is Andy for real? Here’s what he says on his web page[2],

The justice system is broken. Government is not operating according to the founding principle of the Consent of the Governed. It is running according to the will of the one percent – those who can pay for access.

As a lawyer . . . . My life has been devoted to defending the constitutional rights of hard working American citizens. . . . I believe in the equal treatment and equal protection of all. I believe that corporatism [polite word for fascism], cronyism, Wall Street influence, lawyers, and courts are the root causes of our political ills.

Mr. Ostrowski, after elected, should investigate the independent principalities legal scheme of HOA-Land and how it tears asunder the fundamental fabric of our democratic system of constitutional government. (See HOAs violate local home rule doctrine and are outlaw governments).

Mr. Ostrowski should demand an investigation into a widespread pattern of fraudulent conduct and misrepresentation in the selling process and its impact on the alleged, bona fide homeowner consent to be government.[3]

Mr. Ostrowski should require HUD to only support loans to HOAs and homes in HOAs provided that there are state laws that mandate the following to be included as part of the HOA declaration,

The association hereby waivers and surrenders any rights or claims it may have, and herewith unconditionally and irrevocably agrees to be bound by the US and State Constitutions, the 14th Amendment,  and laws of the State as if it were a local public government entity.[4]

Support Andy Ostrowski whether or not you live in his district (11th).  Tell him about the extent of the problems in HOAs not found in the media. Tell him!

I would like to thank Cynthia Stephens for bringing this important event to my attention.


[1] Homeowners’ Associations – A Need for Congressional Action,” Andy Ostrowski for Congress.

[2] “Why I Am Running,” Andy Ostrowski for Congress 2014.

[3] See “HOA Common Sense, No. 4: Consent to be governed.”

[4] Homeowner Association Consent to be Governed Agreement: An Act,” (model statute).

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"The Voice for HOA Constitutionality". I have been a long-term homeowner rights authority, advocate and author of "The HOA-Land Nation Within America" (2019) and" Establishing the New America of independent HOA principalities" (2008). See HOA Constitutional Government at My efforts with HOAs took me to a broader concern that was deeply affecting the constituionality of HOAs. Those broad societal and plotical concerns caused me to start this new blog for my commentaries on the State of the New America.

5 thoughts on “PA congressional candidate rejects HOA-Land”

  1. “Candidate Ostroski needs to schedule a trip to Flori-duh to witness firsthand the racket that IS HOAs and the abuse of the statutes perpetrated for decades by developers/builders against the property rights and life savings of those unfortunate folks, many retirees, who fell for this totally false and ineffective concept of “homeowner associations.” It was a scheme dreamed up by a Tallahassee lawyer by the name of Dudley to enrich and empower developers to collect in advance fees to ostensibly build and maintain amenities early on in a development. Instead, these mandatory fees have been used for every purpose under the sun by these schemers except the purpose stated to prospects in the real estate sales process! All in violation of the pie-in-the-sky promises of protections outlined in Florida statutes 617, 619 and 720 principally. There is NO mechanism or agency empowered to actually ENFORCE these statutes–a fact you are not informed of when you come to FL to buy your perfect retirement home! For the last 3 years, the exploited homeowners (and there are hundreds of thousands of them!) have begged and pleaded to their state legislators to AMEND these statutes to create authority and funding for the prosecution of violations of these statutes by not only developers but Boards and their attorneys as well. It is all a sham, they go through the motions of valiantly trying to pass these reforms, only to cave in to the bribes and pressure brought on them by the deep-pockets developer lobbyists! The fact is, all during the downturn and collapse of real estate in FL from 2007 through the present, these schemers have LIVED opulent lives off of the millions they collect from the chumps (homeowners), never even bothering to provide owners with the statute-required detailed, CPA-audited and certified, annual financial report! They know the state regulators and consumer protection agencies will do nothing to investigate let alone prosecute these financial crimes! To see what a nightmare of litigation is going on in FL and elsewhere, go to, where many of these court cases are posted as well as current news for the HOMEOWNER in HOAs in this decades-long battle we have fought! It is clear that all HOA laws in FL must be repealed in their entirety, they are meaningless and are not being enforced in any way! The Dept. of Business & Professional Regulation is a joke–they sit there with their $130,000 salaries and do absolutely SQUAT to earn their cushy pay! Let the newcomer to FL beware of these traps known as homeowner associations!

  2. Thank you so much. I think all of us that have had our health and finances ruined by these HOA dictatorships should support Mr Ostrowski and let him know about the nightmares we have had to endure from our HOA’s. I would love to get 60 minutes or 20/20 to do a story on this as well.

  3. Thanks for this information about Andy Ostrowski. I will follow up with him. HOA boards continue to run awry. Recently, I heard that the previous treasurer, Richard Schabin, at the Venetian condos in Scottsdale, claims that the on site office was randsacked and all the records were taken. There is no evidence of break in. It appears that he and Cheryl Bergerbaum are covering up for the close to 70K they took from their fellow homeowners. 262 other people are being abused by more lies and deception. Board abuse is running rampant in this community as I am sure many other condos in Arizona and through out the nation.

  4. I have been emailing back and forth with Andy this past week. He admits he still has a lot to learn about HOAs and the abuse they inflict on the homeowners but he “gets it.” He admits he had no idea things were as bad as they are. His only experience was a friend of his that had a problem with their HOA a few years ago. I told him we need somebody that will work across party lines and will not back down from the CAI. I did not candy-coat my words and he wrote back saying he supported our (the activists) efforts and this was right up his alley.

    I’m hoping HOA victims around the country will support him with some campaign dollars. He has been our only hope so far for help. His website is: and there is a place on the upper right hand corner for donations. He’s running against an incumbent and doesn’t have any big money supporters behind him. If I was in PA I would walk the streets and be knocking on doors in the HOAs and condos in his district to help get the vote out.

    I’m not sure how he got in contact with me but I’m glad he did. He’s making every effort to learn about HOAs. He will appear on Shu’s show on October 25th and a blog is scheduled on Neighbors At War on October 11th.

    George, I sent him the link to your book on Amazon. I know he’s very busy campaigning now but I’m hoping he will find time to read it.

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