It’s time for others to act for HOA reforms

After 13 years as an activist for HOA reforms across the country I am withdrawing my active involvement in HOA issues. However, I will remain an observer of events, commenting from time to time on the broader constitutional issues. 

Over these years I have provided a wealth of information and legal authorities as a source of materials for HOA reform legislation and in dealing with state legislatures.   A summary of the issues that I consider critical at this turning point in HOA reform advocacy can be found in the PDF file, HOA Common Sense: rejecting private government.  One point that I make is why are HOAs allowed to escape constitutional compliance when even every state’s home rule laws require compliance?

A final comment:  When these broad constitutional issues are ignored as justification for reform, then advocates have accepted the legitimacy of the HOA scheme and pro-HOA laws.  This acceptance of the “robber barons” reduces the debate to a wrongful equality of rights argument, to a “we must treat both sides fairly.”  As history has shown, the advocate generally loses.

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  1. Ditto to all of these great comments, George! I can’t say it any better! ( ‘)>

  2. George,

    Just wanted to add my appreciation for the “active” phase of your work, knowing that we have more to look forward to in your “less active” phase. I feel you have been out front on so many issues.

    Sometimes it’s said that no worthwhile work can be accomplished in any one person’s time or, to use a more Texas-y metaphor, our purpose is to advance the ball further toward the goal. From either perspective, you have done a lot and I, among many others, appreciate it and have benefitted.


    David Kahne

  3. Thank you for all you have done to remind Americans that HOAs/POAs have taken their freedom when armed enemies couldn’t.

  4. […] George K. Staropoli:  It’s time for others to act for HOA reforms […]

  5. A big thank you for you thankless job of bringing these issues to light. The war is not over. I will continue to enlighten all of those sheep, and continue the struggle as you have done. Your strength is not lost, as you have touched those around you. We will stand tall, and walk through the minefields of what they call legitimate business of HOAs. Thank Mr. Staropoli for all you have done and continue to do. The world changes one person at a time; you have changed many.

    Rebecca Wester

  6. “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell

    Thank you for your good work and effort!

    Mike Reardon


  8. I’d like to thank all for their kind words and support.

    CAI can be defeated! Just understand this simple statement: “They are defending the indefensible.”

  9. George, I thank you for everything you have contributed to the WAR on the rights of Home Owners that are unfortunate enough to purchase into HOAs in this country. While I have not always agreed with everything you have to say — I have read it all. You have been a source of information and ideas for quite a few of us and I THANK YOU for that.

    I hope you will occassionally post other thoughts but I certainly do not blame you for stepping back. I have a plaque on my desk that says YOU CANNOT FIX STUPID. Unfortunately, dealing with CAI and State Legislatures is sometimes exactly that.

    Again, THANK YOU for your contributions on behalf of Home Owners.

  10. George,

    I just now had time to read your email and pamphlet. I’ve been on the phone and internet with HOA issues all day.

    I am at a loss for words in which to thank you for fighting the fight and trying to wake people up. I completely understand your desire to walk away from the HOA insanity. You have done a phenomenal job of exposing the CAI and the injustices of the HOAs as a whole.

    With your permission, I would like to distribute your HOA Common Sense pamphlet. I want this in the hands of legislators and local and state government elected officials. It is outstanding.

    I do hope there will be times when you will bless us with your words of wisdom. From here we will move forward taking with us what we have learned from you.

    May you enjoy every second of the free time that you will now find within your days!

    Very gratefully yours,


    • Thanks for your support and good luck in your efforts. You can contact me if you need to discuss items. You are indeed a sorely need activist.

      You can distribute Common Sense.

  11. Mr. Staropoli, I am so sorry to learn of your stepping back on HOA. Whether you know it or not, you will be sorely missed by many.
    Joanne Daley (friend of Bill Brown)

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