HOA Common Sense, No.3: The Path to HOA Enlightenment

The Path to HOA Enlightenment, No. 3

I ended HOA Common Sense No. 2 with a call for the people, following their ethical and moral conscience, to lose their false views of reality in order to successfully resolve long standing, endemic HOA problems.  The authoritarian, private HOA government was not created to and has no legal obligation to protect and maintain individual rights and freedoms as does public government under our Constitution with its Bill of Rights.

This difficult task for substantial HOA legislative reforms can be accomplished by choosing the path that requires the people to 1) step outside the box created by the pro-HOA special interests and to reject dogmatic attitudes that refuse to consider opposing and dissenting arguments, and 2) that we confront and challenge the pro-HOA supporters demanding that they defend their half-truth, misleading, and false mantras with documentation and legal authority.

This path to a successful resolution of endemic HOA problems is rational and sensible.  It is up to the people to choose the America of tomorrow, that of the Founding Fathers or of the New America of HOA-Land, for their children and grandchildren. 

It’s just common sense for Americans to reject the authoritarian HOA private government, and to support our democratic system of government of 226 years.

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"The Voice for HOA Constitutionality". I have been a long-term homeowner rights authority, advocate and author of "The HOA-Land Nation Within America" (2019) and" Establishing the New America of independent HOA principalities" (2008). See HOA Constitutional Government at http://pvtgov.org. My efforts with HOAs took me to a broader concern that was deeply affecting the constituionality of HOAs. Those broad societal and plotical concerns caused me to start this new blog for my commentaries on the State of the New America.

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