Disciplinary action sought against AZ legislator in SB 1454 HOA amendments

This past Wednesday I asked the Arizona Speaker of the House and House Ethics Committee to commence disciplinary proceedings against Rep. Ugenti for her role in causing SB 1454 to be declared unconstitutional.   I also asked that a vote be called under House Rule 1 to expel Rep. Ugenti for the manner in which she added her failed HB 2371 HOA amendments to SB 1454 in the waning hours of the legislative session.

In addition to the legislative records, my argument was supported by the Statement of Facts in the complaint, Staropoli and Brown v. State of Arizona, and the statements made by our attorney in his July 23rd appearance on Horizon PBS.  There are five documents found on the legislative public info website, ALIS, that warn legislators against placing more than one subject in a bill.

I further pointed out the need to look into why there are two different versions of the Bill Summary for SB 1454, one with “HOAS” in the title and one without.  The logical conclusion is an intentional removal of the word from the title.

I concluded my email to the Speaker with,

The Legislature cannot sit idly by and allow a flagrant violation of the Arizona Constitution to go unpunished. . . .  It must send a message that such ardent belief in a bill does not allow for the law to be broken and that the end does not justify the means.

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  1. George,
    Some have missed that Senator Gail Griffin (R) also attempted to attach the exact same HOA amendment to SB 2518, another campaign finance bill, sponsored by Rep Justin Olsen, this session. It would appear this these self-serving real-estate legislators could care less about the homeowner. All three Ugenti, Petersen and Griffin claimed how this HOA Omnibus Bill would benefit the homeowner, please! I don’t think there is 1 homeowner that wishes to be taken to court and not be represented by legal council. Thanks George, for holding the powerful accountable!

    • Yes, I am aware. Shortly I will post an update and more detailed “theory of the crime.”

  2. Thanks everyone for your support.

    It is important that AZ homeowners write their representatives urging them to file a complaint against Ugenti. It seems that, like sponsoring a bill, it must come from a legislator.

  3. Thanks for all your diligence and perservance in exposing this situation. I hope your efforts will put Ugenti’s position in jeopardy.

  4. Thank you for all your hard work! Agree would like to see Ugenti removed. She has no concern for those of us living in HOAs.

  5. Good Job George! A slap on the wrist isn’t enough. Word has it Ugenti and Realitors are bring this bill back next year.

    • There is a question that Ugenti cannot vote or participate if charged with a violation of the Rules. The other issue, can the legislature act before the next session, or do we wait util then. If so, she will be in limbo if we get a complaint filed. I believe only a legisaltor can file a complaint against another legislator.

      • We do have information, that a complaint was filed, 3 months ago with the AG’s office and the legislative liaisons office, by several other parties, asking for disciplinary action against Ugenti. There were other factors, as well as the ones you mentioned in your email. Please keep us updated.


  6. Again, George you never miss a beat! Hopefully, she will be removed from office and those remaining and in the future will learn not to mess with you! You simply are the best ever advocate for homeowners in HOAs!

    • Sue, please contact me at george@pvtgov.org I would like to explore your info on Ugenti.

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