Elysium: the new ‘1984’ of the future

The new Matt Damon movie, Elysium, is an exciting sci-fi look into the future society of 2154.  Social and political commentary is skillfully woven into this action thriller with unsuspecting twists in the plot.  Such words, with ‘native’ dialogue being Spanish, as “undocumented persons,” “illegals,” “citizens,” and even “Homeland Security” are part of the plot, but do not intrude or detract from the entertainment aspect of this well-done movie.

Elysium is a space station orbiting earth built by a mega-corporation and inhabited only by those qualified to be a citizen: having sufficient wealth. Meanwhile the war destroyed, overpopulated earth is inhabited by the “have-nots” living in poverty.  Central to the theme is the lack of medical care for the have-nots. Only citizens on Elysium are entitled to life saving medical treatment.

“Elysium” is the Greek Valhalla where those related to the Gods and the good and heroic go in their after-life.  It was mentioned in the opening battle scene in the movie Gladiator by Maximus’ reference to the Elysium Fields.

Elysium is the modern 1984 view of our future society.

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  1. Hello George,

    Hope I find you in good health. I went down town last week and got copies of the file where The president of the Association accompanied by the the lawyer and community manager of the HOA filed a certificate of arbitration in order to change the bylaws at our next annual meeting, just as I suspected they lied about the quorum amount.

    They told the Judge that our HOA has never been able to meet quorum of 25% that prevented the HOA from having our annual vote and to conduct business,

    They did this in order to change the bylaws at the next meeting to what ever amount of people show up at the next meeting, the bylaws were changed from 25% to 5% before homeowner control was granted and/or turned over.

    Also all of the previous annual meetings proceeded with the 5% rule, that they are now trying to say that was not actually in effect.

    I took the documents to the State Attorney General’s Office, and we had about an hour interview about the lies, he said he does not know if he is going to have enough resources to attend to our complaint. I have attached a copy of the complaint to this email for you to take a look at.

    Let me know what you think.

    Great article about the Movie.



    Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2013 20:09:28 +0000
    To: jjarvis7@live.com

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