NC CAI attorney joins Enlightenment Movement

North Carolina CAI attorney Michael Hunter joins the Enlightenment Movement in his Aug. 8 column on, The buck stops with HOA boards, not management companies.

It is necessary to obtain the affiliations of attorneys writing media columns as we know that CAI attorneys are biased toward the objectives of the national business lobbying organization, CAI. Just as people want to know if a person is a Republican or Democrat, or a liberal or conservative, it’s important to know the affiliation of HOA columnists so the message can be properly interpreted.

That is why this article is so surprising. A CAI member attorney dealing with reality rather than in promoting the CAI “party line”! If those homeowners would only follow the rules all would be OK. In his column, Michael Hunter says it’s the boards stupid, not the management companies and not the members, who have the responsibilities, duties and liabilities. He has become part of the Enlightenment Movement, along with several California CAI member attorneys if you read their websites and newsletters.

Advocates like Jim Lane in NC are the causes of this conversion, this acceptance of reality by CAI members. He has provoked, challenged, and confronted the opposition forcing a response or continued silence. The silence tactic is not working any longer, because there are too many outlets siding with Homeowner Rights Advocates for the advocate to be portrayed as a troublemaker or a malcontent as in the past.  The public and the media are realizing that advocates have legitimate grievances that have not been adequately addressed by state legislatures.

But, stand watch advocates, CAI Central is still spewing forth it propaganda, this time to Congress, CAI now seeks to lobby Congress on HOAs. CAI Central realizes it no longer controls the playing field and must extend its propaganda in defense of the growing Enlightenment Movement in the media.

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