CAI now seeks to lobby Congress on HOAs

Last month  in CAI Reacts[i] I warned about CAI’s long lobbying reach to sway the opinions of state legislators, but now CAI is seeking to sway Congressmen.  CAI is now in a campaign[ii] to influence Congress with its propaganda that HOAs provide an overwhelming public service, are highly supported by HOA members, and are preferred by the public. “Community associations are governed by neighbors and are often misunderstood.”[iii]  If there are no opposing voices, so will Congress be swayed and with join state legislatures in supporting pro-HOA legislation.

In CAI Reacts I wrote about the effects on state legislatures, which is applicable to Congress:

This tactic by CAI has ominous consequences for HOA reforms in every state! It becomes extremely important that advocates and homeowners in every state seeking redress of HOA problems form an advocacy group to inform the public, the media and their legislators of their views. As I have long argued, advocates must, even more so now, confront, challenge and expose CAI propaganda. They must also advance quality reform legislation.

The latest attempt to influence elected officials comes in the form of urging its members to write their Congressmen to support CAI’s FEMA position, which contains a wealth of pro-HOA propaganda from its biased surveys.[iv]  Here are some of the points provided to guide members in their meeting with a Congressman:

Associations ensure that the collective rights and interests of homeowners are respected and preserved. Association leaders seek an effective balance between the preferences of individual residents and the collective rights of all homeowners.  [Do you think that your Congressman would catch the distinction between “collective rights” as in socialism and “individual rights” as in a true democracy?]

 Association homeowners choose where to live and accept a contractual and ethical responsibility to abide by established policies and to meet their financial obligations to the association. [Nothing is said about “free choice” or an adhesion contract with implied and absent waivers of constitutional protections].

Association homeowners have the right to elect their community leaders and to use the democratic process to determine the policies that will protect their investments. [Nothing is said about the appearance and illusion of democratic election procedures and the absence of clean elections protections.]

 Without an organized and strident national voice in opposition, be prepared for a rewrite of “This is America: The New America of HOA-Land.”  Many of my Commentaries can be used to refute CAI’s propaganda. Use them!  For example, earlier this year I wrote here and as a comment on Privatopia Papers,[v]


It’s time to bring unity to this country and end subdivision governance by HOAs that create independent principalities. The planned community development can remain under a democratic form of government subject to the Constitution. And that must come from Washington. It can start with hearings to air those constitutional issues that have been avoided by every state and court for far too many years.[vi]




[iii] Id.

[v]Las Vegas HOA corruption probe continues. (In his post, Prof. McKenzie raised the question of federal congressional hearings on HOAs).

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  1. […] stand watch advocates, CAI Central is still spewing forth it propaganda, this time to Congress, CAI now seeks to lobby Congress on HOAs. CAI Central realizes it no longer controls the playing field and must extend its propaganda in […]

  2. Thank you, George! I just called my congressman’s office. You are right we need to make the calls, send the emails, and write the letters. Whatever it takes our legislators need to be educated NOW!

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