advocates sue State of AZ for unconstitutional HOA amendments bill – SB1454

Staropoli & Brown v. State of Arizona, CV 2013-009991, July 16, 2013

Arizona Center for Law in the Public Interest, Attorneys for the Plaintiffs

Timothy M. Hogan, Joy E. Herr-Cardillo



 1. This action seeks a Declaratory Judgment that Senate Bill 1454 enacted by the Fifty-first Legislature, First Regular Session 2013 (“SB 1454”) is unconstitutional because it violates Article 4, pt. 2 §13 of the Arizona Constitution,


 2. Plaintiff George K. Staropoli is a citizen of the State of Arizona. Mr. Staropoli is an activist who advocates on behalf of homeowners on issues and legislation involving homeowner associations (HOAs).


Read the complaint here . . .


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  1. […] [i]advocates sue State of AZ for unconstitutional HOA amendments bill – SB1454. […]

  2. […] advocates sue State of AZ for unconstitutional HOA amendments bill – SB1454, and […]

  3. Good job George! I am so sick of the legislature creating HOA laws that supersede the CCR’s. This one really got snuck in but thank goodness you are the “watchdog” and representative for us that are living in HOA’s! Thank you for all you do!

  4. George: I want to express my thanks and gratitude to you and Mr. Brown for taking those two referenced bills that will soon become law to the courts. It would be good to know the position this court will ultimately take.

    I wish there are more condo/PUD homeowners who are like you both.

    I close with my deep appreciation for the enormous efforts you have put into all that is spiritually correct for all homeowners in the condo/PUD communities during these many years.

    All the best,

  5. Thank you Mr Staropoli.

  6. You go George!

  7. Way to go…you busted underhanded politics! You guys are Arizona’s finest HOA fighters!!!!!! How fortunate Arizona homeowners are to have you keeping up the fight to make things right. Best of luck. Please keep us posted.

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