signed SB 1454 violates AZ Const. that holds extraneous HOA amendments as invalid

That SB 1454 violates the Constitution

That SB 1454 violates the Constitution

The following is an excerpt from my letter to Arizona Governor Brewer concerning her signing of a bill that had HOA amendments added.

 Dear Governor Brewer:

I wish to bring to your attention, as well as to the attention of other appropriate state persons, that on this past June 20th you signed SB 1454 (CH. 254) into law unknowing, due to the heated pressures of the budget and Medicare issues, that the bill violates the Arizona Constitution requiring “but one subject to be embraced in the title. The Constitution further states  any reference to provisions not contained in the title of the bill are invalid.  SB 1454 is titled, “campaign finance; in-kind contributions; disclosures, but contains the same provisions as found in the failed House bill, HB 2371, sponsored by Rep. Michelle Ugenti, dealing with HOA reforms.

Read the complete letter at SB1454

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  1. […] See signed SB 1454 violates AZ Const. that holds extraneous HOA amendments as invalid, […]

  2. The CAI President of its College of Community Associations Lawyers(CCAL) and AZ chapter LAC committee chair, Scott Carpenter, held a seminar on the new Arizona bills. It was held on June 25th, 5 days after Gov. Brewer signed this bill.

    There was no mention by these “experts” in comunity associations law that SB 1454 violated the AZ Constitution. Maybe they should study constitutional law as well before proclaiming themselves as “the experts.”

  3. Where in the Lords name is someone like you in North Carolina. We
    have the worest HOA ‘s in the country.
    Dick Delahunty

  4. I wonder how you have the staying power to fight the Community Association Institute on a daily basis. Obviously, there is a pattern because the same thing has happened in NV. But, the Governor vetoed the bill that had a last minutes amendment (2009). And in 2011 a Senator got caught trying to do the last minute shenanigan and she choose to not run again.

    Thanks for your efforts.

  5. Way to go, George! Keep them on the straight and narrow in Arizona! The HOA members of your State have no idea how fortunate they are to have you looking out for them! Keep up the good work!

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