A further explanation of HOA Organizational Development

I would like to spell out my plan as contained on my HOA Organizational Development web page. Here are some excerpts,

The state governments’ laissez-faire attitude toward HOA communities has allowed the HOA to become a closed, inbred society where “the state is everything.” It is not surprising, then, that several groups with personal agendas have emerged, creating a dysfunction climate and culture within the closed HOA society. These negative influences helped shape the character and quality of life in the community. Here are links to a few appropriate research studies . . . (see the website).

OD is a change process with the goal of transferring knowledge and skills to organizations to improve their capacity for solving problems and managing future change. It focuses on the behavior of the members of the organization and how their behavior contributes to its goals as well as the feelings of satisfaction and stress, and service quality.

The mission for HOA OD consultants is: 1) to return the climate and culture of the HOA to where its members are able to re-identify with the values, beliefs, principles, and purposes of healthy and desirable communities functioning within the larger society of the municipality and the state; and 2) to remove the very strong external influences of the special interest vendors and lobbyists that are the primary causes of this deviation from the general societal norms and values.

What expertise do property managers and lawyers, who claim expertise not in political science or constitutional law but in “association” law,  possess to allow them to be “advisors” to create and maintain community governments that develop healthy and vibrant communities ?

Additionally, my website contains the format and structure for a national organization adapted from the Minnesota Citizens League and applied to HOAs.


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  1. The case has dragged on for years and divided the neighborhood, with some residents insisting that the rules be enforced and others asking for compassion. Some real-estate attorneys caution that allowing exceptions, even for the best reasons, can make an HOA’s restrictions unenforceable.

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