HOA Organizational Development – a fresh approach to the ills of HOAs

Here’s a glimpse of my new web page at HOA Organizational Development


Organizational Development (OD) is a fresh approach to resolving the persistent 49 year problems with the HOA legal model and scheme. It is not simply more legal solutions or more pontifications by lawyers or property managers attempting to correct the dysfunctional behavior within communities governed by HOA regimes. OD is a comprehensive behavior based approach concerned with the HOA climate, or HOA “personality,” which encompasses member’s attitudes and beliefs. It is also concerned with the HOA culture, its deeply seated norms, values and behaviors that members share. These assumptions, values and norms reflect members’ unconscious thoughts and interpretations of their organizations.


What is organizational development?

Why the need to develop HOA organizations?

What are the primary causes?

Member behavior in dysfunctional HOAs

The mission for HOA organizational consultants

Information on HOA regimes –

Constitutional Local Government

HOA Constitutional Government

Author Backgrounder


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