The HOA Enlightenment Movement continues to spread: just legislation for homeowners

A review of new legislation being considered in many state legislatures clearly shows a growing trend toward justice and fair play for homeowners.  Substantive HOA reform bills can be found in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, North Carolina and Texas to name those are known to me.


SB 2292 seeks to end mandatory HOAs for new subdivisions.

SB 1278 reasserts local municipality control of public streets in HOAs.

Colorado.  HB 1276 seeks to restrict HOA foreclosures by setting forth strict procedures for HOAs to follow if they seek to foreclose on a homeowner that include restrictions on the sue of collection agencies, the adoption of a formal payment plan, notice to delinquent homeowners stating the exact amounts owed, and the procedures to resolve issue before any action can be taken..


SB580 places restrictions on management firms.

SB 596 creates a powerful, bona fide state agency to regulate HOAs and that can make rules, to investigate complaints and to seek penalties and restitution in civil court.

North Carolina.  HB 175 is another foreclosure reform bill that prohibits assessment foreclosure, but allows HOAs to obtain court judgments for the assessments owed.  It requires a notice of a claim of lien to be served on the homeowner before any action can be taken.

Texas.  HB 3803 seeks state oversight by allowing the attorney general investigation of financial wrong-doing by the HOA, with penalties.

Much, much more legislation dealing with substantive HOA reforms is needed.  This legislation would deal with fair and just due process procedures in HOA disputes, foreclosure reforms, clean elections procedures, meaningful enforcement against HOA violators, and ending the “consent to agree” misrepresentation in the sale of a home in a HOA.


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  1. I have noticed that many people all across the United States are fed up with abusive HOA’s and are trying to do something about the absolute power they seem to have. Here in Colorado alone we seem to have at least 3 or 4 separate groups or movements realistically attempting to do the same thing. HOA’s are big, they are organized and powerful and they are not going away. There simply is no way to confront and defeat abusive HOA’s with any success unless there is a united front by the masses. Is it so unthinkable that 3 or 4 different front lines combines to become 1 massive front line that shares the same battle plan and objectives with the support of hundred’s of thousands of people? Until people are willing to understand that HOA’s can and will be defeated only by an effort of this magnitude we could complain about this and watch people get foreclosed on, have heavy and unreasonable fines levied against their properties and feel like prisoners in their own homes for the next decade. WE MUST UNITE AGAINST A COMMON ENEMY. There are things YOU can do RIGHT NOW to help the front lines!

  2. […] See The HOA Enlightenment Movement continues to spread: just legislation for homeowners […]

  3. If we stick together we can handle anything that comes through those gates! “Maximo” “The Gladiator “staring “Russell Crowe”

    Your doing a great Job George, please keep us informed and don’t hesitate to ask if we can be of any service to help make this cause become a reality.

    Thanks again Joe

    • Thanks Joe.

      The Movement is the result of advocates across the country exposing, confronting, and challenging the propaganda from the Evil Empire and it Quisling puppet organizations. Little by little the pro-HOA forces, the media, and the legislators can no longer dismiss the legitimate complaints by homeowner advocates. The lame defenses by the vendor industry, with its continuing implication that it is only an educational organization to help the community be a better place to live, demonstrates a lack of candor to the legislators. Their arguments can no longer stand up tp the truth supported by the facts.

      We need to increase our voice to the legislators who are now considering reform bills. There is a huge source of supporting materials and positions that can be found on internet blogs, websites and news articles, as well as in many books. Use them when presenting your case before the legislature, the media and the public.


      Please freely distribute this reply.

  4. Keep on keepin on, George! Cheering you on from Kansas! Nila

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