HOA democracy at work: dysfunctional adoption of amendments by minority vote



Understand what a YES vote means for Terravita and your image as a citizen


The writer provides an example of how HOAs create a dysfunctional, un-American community, using arguments against the adoption of CC&Rs amendments on two occasions by the Terravita CA in Scottsdale, AZ.  In the first instance, amendments that violated Arizona statutes in regard to the content of the ballot were approved in 2010. One non-disclosed amendment made significant reductions in the requirement for adoption of future CC&Rs amendments, from a supermajority vote to a minority vote.  (In 2011, the Legislature defeated a CAI drafted bill that would allow for minority control of HOAs). 

The current amendment reflects an undisguised intent to punish one member for filing Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH) Petitions against Terravita.  Attorneys are not awarded fees at OAH because they are not required, yet the poorly constructed amendment removes attorney fee awards in civil court actions.  As a result of the approval of the non-disclosed “minority control” amendment in 2010, a minority of only 307  out of 1380 votes will be required to adopt this Board approved punitive amendment. 

Without any prior open discussion or debate, the distributed Absentee Ballot is one-sided in favor of the Board without opposing arguments. Adopting these amendments by a minority of members reflects an un-democratic and dysfunctional culture within Terravita.  The objectives of the “corporate state” are primary and individual property rights are secondary. Members are urged to reject the amendments.

Read the full letter here . . .


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  1. […] permit the HOA to assess attorney fees against losing homeowners in an administrative hearing. (See HOA democracy at work:  dysfunctional adoption of amendments by minority vote). The unusual wording only permits the petitioner who filed the complaint to be awarded attorney […]

  2. George: I’m a new participant in your posts. I appreciate your vigilant effort to bring reform to the HOA industry.

    I was curious to know if you know the outcome of the class action lawsuit written by attorneys Watters and Woods (Plaintiff) against the HOAs in Arizona which was filed a few months ago in U.S. District Court for violations of state and federal law…including FDCPA and AZ “unauthorized practice of law” by employees of HOA when preparing lien and foreclosure documents.

    I am a member of HOA “Rancho Bella Vista South HOA. The community manager is AAM/LLC one of the defendants in the lawsuit.

    Thank you.

    Barry L. Cox (POA)
    For: Roena L. Cole

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