Az & TX legislators criticized for failures to support homeowner rights in HOAs

I let the Arizona Legislature know that advocates are not as stupid as they would like to believe (See Observations on AZ legislative treatment of HOA reform bills We know what is going on and has been happening for years with respect to legislative support for private government HOA regimes. HOAs that deny homeowners their rights and freedoms while imposing harsh penalties only on the members and not on the HOA boards.

The attitude of the legislatures appears to be: The HOA must survive at all costs – it’s a matter of national and state security so constitutional protections be damned.

A leading Texas advocate has added to this exposure of legislative cooperation, support, and coercion to permit HOAs to rule without accountability. Read her Open letter.

There are 4 main constitutional issues that are continually ignored by the legislatures: clean elections procedures; due process and the equal application of the laws; ‘consent to agree’ fallacy; and that the Constitution is only about ‘no contract interference.’ These issues must be addressed and reforms instituted, but they are not addressed because the legislators well know that they are defending the indefensible if they speak out.

It falls to the true advocates for HOA reform to have the courage to speak out about the reality of the HOA legal concept. They need to set the record straight about legislation supported and promoted by the so called “stakeholders”, the vendors (read as HOA attorneys and managers) who make money from the unrepresented and truly affected class, the private property owners, the homeowners.

Send a message to your state legislature.


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  1. With you 100% George. Your comments are right on. There is a lot of anger over HOA’s and its going to boil over at some point. I think you should have a voters guide for each legislator so people can print them and distribute them in their HOA. You should also identify all lobiests for HOA’s, and name the companies that represent the special interests. We can easily beat these guys at the ballot box if we can get the information in the right hands. Ditto for any elected judges that stand with HOA’s over Liberty.

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