Learn to accept and love your HOA — It’s here to stay.

In the one week since seeking support for a White House petition to declare people living in HOAs still citizens of this country, only 50 have submitted a petition. I would like to thank those special 50 persons who took a simple step to fight for their rights. And your rights, too.

Homeowners living in HOAs and the people at large have spoken, or more correctly, have spoken with their silence. Homeowner rights advocacy is a myth, as is the America being taught to your children or grandchildren in public schools. At the local government level, government by business driven, profit-seeking organizations with their adhesion Declaration of CC&Rs contracts are becoming the norm for local government in America.

Political scientists like Robert H. Nelson, and none other than The Goldwater Institute in Arizona, have supported  local government by restrictive covenant contracts that are not subject to the US Constitution.

Over the years I’ve tried to present, discuss and explain the fundamental issues of our constitutional democratic government with respect to homeowners associations.  There is nothing more I can say or do.  You have spoken.

Welcome to the New America of HOA-Land.
Learn to accept and love your HOA. It’s here to stay.

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  1. Out of total respect and honor of G. Staropoli, I held my nose while going to the White House web site to beg for something honorable be done about HOA abuse that I believe is created, aided and sponsored by those same greedy business and political interests that dominate our world and work tirelessly to destroy our US Constitution and way of life.

    But, in spite of risking what little privacy I might still have by following every required step to establish a WH account to be able to sign the petition, the WH system failed (or refused) to do its part. I never got a chance to finish the account creation process. And, I did not do something really dumb like make multiple account attempts with different email accounts.

    I suspect that there was no sincere WH intent to support the requested petition. What was being asked was opposite to what the WH stands for.

    The whole process smelled rotten when I saw that over 25,000 signers were required to form a valid petition. That gambit was probably just a clever way to gather more info for an enemies list to be used for other purposes. The WH has my info and I got nothing in return.

    While I doubt than many tens of thousands of alert, honorable citizens would ever volunteer to sign up for White House oversight, I am confident that many tried and failed, as I did.

    I know there are many tens of thousands honorable citizens who share the commitments to reverse the actions taken to destroy America’s unique form of liberty and private property ownership rights, but signing a WH electronic petition to ask for redress of the apparent HOA criminal actions is apparently not considered to be a trusted action.

    • My attempt with the WH Petition was to get Washington involved in HOA issues that cross all states that share a commonality of un-American, authoritative, private government regimes. I, too, was greatly disappointed in how the site was so citizen unfriendly. There is no excuse for such poor technology.

      My involvement was NOT partisan!

      • I did not perceive your action to be partisan but agree that such a petition could receive more support if written in a less complex style. But, it was worth a try to see how many people give a damn about the HOA mess. Even if one did not want to sign the petition, they should have sent you an email of support for the concept

        Unfortunately, the WH technical barriers did not give us a good feel for the level of hidden outrage against the tyranny of HOA statutes and regulations. We all know the intense rage at HOA injustice and board abuse is massive.

        But, people are very fearful of being identified for retaliation via board fines, unjustified home foreclosures, denials of access to common properties, or even false arrests and criminal convictions by corrupt city governments!

        In today’s environment, it is likely there is too much fear of falling into a WH, CIA, FBI or other Homeland Security enemies list that can be used to retaliate against those who opposed HOA policies but have to work for a living.

        As a retired senior military officer in my seventies, and as a true Christian, I have fewer fears than most, and so, I am less reluctant to challenge the massive forces that control the global HOA policies. History shows that it often takes on a few talented individuals to turn massive problems around.

        We have to keep the faith and quietly reach and engage more people like George and many others the traction needed to speed up the effective responses to the global HOA fraud and rackets.

  2. George,

    Like your survey, the language of the petition was confusing, long-winded, and lawerly.

    While your goals are admirable, you seriously need to hire a professional editor (and maybe marketer), because your writing style frequently fails to convey whatever point it is you are trying to make.

    • I kept on hoping that some barve soles would dare comment and offer their own understanding of my messages, and a dialogue would ensue.

      • hey, he’s fighting the brave fight! where is that petition? i’ll sign it and secession too!

      • “hey, he’s fighting the brave fight! ”

        The young men of the Allied force who charged the Turkish posititions at Gallipoli fought a brave fight, but died for nothing. That campaign was a disaster.

        Oh, I absolutely agree George is fighting the brave fight, longer than most of us have been.

        But if we want to accomplish anything, we need to communicate our message effectively. And if our message is incoherent — or if we don’t have an effective point to get across — that’s our fault.

        After years of and spinning our wheels and failing to accomplish anything substansive, perhaps we should re-examine what exactly it is we’re trying to do, and how we’re doing it. Because it looks like to me that after several years, we haven’t made any real progress.

  3. Love Your HOA? Never! OCCUPY YOUR HOA! ….Sam of http://www.HOA1234.com

  4. We voted. We asked our readers to vote. They didn’t. Some complained that it was too difficult because they had to make an account. But they have plenty of time to complain. Aaack. I will not give up.

  5. just give it time for a few more incidences that hit the “homeowner” right in the gut; we really are renters anyway thanks to the ubiquitous property tax!

  6. I saw that only 50 people signed the petition. I thought maybe I somehow missed another petition over the internet because I am not facebook and computer savvy. I can’t believe that citizens of this great nation would pay for their own demise!!! We have to keep trying. As for me personally, I am trying to dissolve the HOA where I live.

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