State and HOA secession – 47 petititons

The Obama Administration has provided a grass roots internet petition service at “We the People” ( If 25,000 petitions are received within 30 days a response is promised. There are petitions from groups in 47 states seeking permission for the state to secede from the union — not all having reached the response level — except for New Hampshire, Iowa and Alabama.


Now understand that the estimated 324,000 HOAs with 63 million people (20% of the population) have already seceded as these private contractual de facto governments are not subject to the US Constitution as all other government entities, including state municipalities. Problem is, they represent only a portion of the population of each state giving rise to what amounts to independent principalities within the states’ borders. Each state is not a unified state under the state’s constitution or the US Constitution. If a state does secede, it will still have parts of its population that have already seceded from the state.

And we talk about illegal immigrants taking advantage of our rights, laws and entitlements. It ain’t fair to let these HOA illegal aliens not subject to the Constitution have access to what bona fide citizens are entitled to! Not only that, many states give HOA outrageous property tax breaks for all those private amenities while the state is in desperate need of funds. (Like anything else in this world, so long as the homeowners continue to pay their property taxes, “double taxation”, the state will look the other way).

No, let’s take care of secession within the states before we deal with secession by the state itself.

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  1. Yes!! HOA is an illusion designed by banks and developers to steal money and property from the oblivious/unaware homeowners. The excuses can range from overdue assessment fees, wrong sized fence, wrong door color…you name it. Don’t try to fight them, you’ll never win. the judges, the politicians are all in bed with them! Most people don’t realize that they’ll never own their home belonging to an HOA,yet in still they are becoming more, more common in America. Their authority supercedes the tax collector and the mortgage company. We must either dissolve HOA, and/or limit it’s power by requiring them to be governed under the same laws as any other non-for-profit business. How did they get so much power you ask? Lobbyist and greedy politicans. Become actively involved don’t involved. Corporate greed comes in many forms and just because it has a non-for-profit handle doesn’t mean it’s not prosperous!!!

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