And HOA Justice for All

Where law ends, tyranny begins[i]

I was just released from jury duty yesterday.  I had submitted a Request for Exclusion due to Issues of Public Interest/Public Welfare, which went unanswered.  During the jury selection process, I so informed the judge of my request, which he had not seen.  I volunteered a copy that I had brought along.

After supplying the judge with a copy I was given a one-on-one with the judge and lawyers.  The short dialogue was as follows:

Judge:  You are saying that you cannot give a fair and impartial opinion on this case?

George:  No, I can’t.  As you have read, I was insulted and disrespectfully treated while attempting to provide for justice.  Now the court is asking for my valid opinions as a juror.  I cannot participate in a judicial system that acts in such a way.

Judge:  So let me clarify.  You are saying that, because of these incidents, that you cannot give a fair and impartial opinion?

George:  Yes, that’s right.  I spent over 10 years fighting for constitutional and legal rights for homeowners and have been treated as such.  I cannot participate.  Your Honor, it was just about a month since the Maxwell ruling that I received a jury summons.  I have not been called for jury duty in over 10 years.  I get the feeling that they are out to get me.

Hidden smiles from the judge and a lawyer.  I was excused.  I thank the judge for making my Request part of the record, not a common occurrence.  The strongly worded and angry Request can be read here.

[i] The motto on the façade of the Arizona Supreme Court building.


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  1. I too have received documents for Jury duty. This is the second such. The one was answered like the first in my eightieth year I have exempted once again.

  2. Well said! Enough people need to just come out and SAY that the system is corrupt and toss these judges, break the cycle of attorneys owning everyone else via the crooked courts and crooked HOAs. Finally! Have we had enough yet?

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