Media still sees HOAs only in monetary terms

My comments to the investigative reporter from KTHR.TV in Indianapolis, IN.

I congratulate you on your very detailed report on what HOAs are all about (13 Investigates: HOAs). Your article joins the newly emerging HOA Enlightenment Movement that looks beyond the special interest, national lobbying trade entity, CAI, propaganda. For more detailed info on HOAs, beyond my short comments, please visit my links below.

Take maintaining property values covenant, the very basis of the pro HOA argument. Show me where the CC&Rs warrant or guarantee property values? Don’t look too hard as you will not find any. In short, the buyer gives up his rights and freedoms, offers his home as collateral for the survival of the HOA, and agrees to pay the assessments no matter what, even if there’s a dispute with the HOA, for an empty promise. Some deal!

In general

The HOA legal scheme is seriously defective in regard protecting people who are citizens of their state and the US, but who are now under a private regime not accountable to the state. The CC&Rs “contract” is based on equitable servitudes and not constitutional or contract law, making these de facto HOAs independent principalities. But, you only see the money side of HOAs that can be viewed as a con job.

For example, the HOA is very much like a closely held business with restricted exit opportunities, and where the members are jointly and severally liable for the debts of the HOA – if a member can’t pay, his “share” can come from the other members’ pockets. Did you know that? Wasn’t that explained to you?

Did you know that the buyer does not have to even read the CC&RS to be held to the binding agreement? All that is necessary is to file the CC&Rs with the county clerk’s office and the buyer is bound by simply accepting his deed, sight unseen and unsigned. Why isn’t the buyer told before he signs the purchase contract? Isn’t this misrepresentation?

Let’s jump to “Steps to Take Now.”

In general, although Indiana has a very limited HOA statutes, the CC&RS are an adhesion contract — take it or leave it in favor of the HOA – that contain provisions that a municipal government could not impose on its citizens. And don’t forget the misrepresentation mentioned above when you hear arguments that “they agreed to and signed” the contract.

See The Truth in HOAs Disclosure Agreement.

Your discussion of “Homeowner Rights” is woefully deficient!

You speak only of the “laws” of the HOA and its CC&RS “constitution.” Do you really believe that the buyers willingly and openly agreed to waive and surrender explicitly stated and implied rights when they took their deed? In a manner that would pass judicial scrutiny? For example, “fines” and the “notice of a hearing” as commonly found in the top-down CC&Rs mock the Constitution. And, the absence of fair elections protections makes political machines a reality.

See the Declare your US and State Citizenship for the legislature.

I hope you will make a serious effort to read these materials, backed by evidence, court decisions, statutes and the statements made by the pro-HOA special interests. And publish your review and summary.

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