And the HOA Enlightenment Movement grows . . .

A few more enlightenment articles (see the age of HOA enlightenment is coming?) by the legal-academic aristocrats have appeared in the media and on the internet. Among these modern pretenders to Philosopher-Kings, the Adams-Kessler (Calif.) blog warns about HOA managers engaging in the unauthorized practice of law, Managers Practicing Law.  Then there’s the past president of CAI “Central,” Ellen Hirsch de Haan, at the infamous Florida lobbyist law firm of Becker & Poliakoff on the need for neighborhood watch group oversight. Guard yourself from lawsuits against your HOA.

And more websites and bloggers are adding to the coverage of the Real Stories of HOA-Land, like with, Think Twice Before Placing Blame on Owners.   Congratulations!   The media has also been providing increasing attention to the real happenings in HOA-Land rather than just mouthing the pro-HOA “party line.”    

And so must all those homeowner rights advocate websites join in the Enlightenment Movement today!  At least post these enlightenment articles.  Let your followers know that these legal-academics didn’t wake up a few days ago and say, My God!  Look what’s going on in HOA-Land!   That they have been deceived all these years!

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