AZ judicial conduct comm. on hidden HOA attorney case: who let the cat out of the bag?

In my June 10th post, Judicial misconduct complaint filed for sealing records in AZ case against HOA attorney, I brought to your attention the fact that the records on a case involving a CAI member attorney sued for aiding and abetting and disgorgement could not be found on the court’s public access website.   Not even a notice that the case was sealed.  The complaint alleged that the “disappearance” of the records from public view was a violation of the Code of Judicial Conduct, Rule 123(d).

A response was received from the Commission on Judicial Conduct Staff Attorney who was more concerned with “shooting the messenger” rather than with taking a few minutes, like I did, and verify from the court records themselves the truth of my allegations.  Not even mentioned in her response.

My reply to the Staff Attorney, in part, reads,

The tone of the letter gives the impression of another angry person filing wild and unsupported accusations against a judge. It is condescending, insulting and attacks the messenger without any reference to conducting a duty bound investigation into the easily verifiable facts — the court records themselves.

The information that I provided is more than sufficient for a bona fide investigation of the facts by the Staff Attorney.  Just 10- 20  minutes on the Internet Pinal County case public information web page, followed by a call to the Pinal County Superior Court Clerk, as I undertook, would quickly and  independently verify the complaint (Exhibit B) that the court records were sealed in violation of Rule 123(d) – public access has been denied and denied without notice. 

The entire reply can be read here . . .


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  1. […] Its first reaction to my complaint was to attack the messenger, asking how did I know about the case. (See AZ judicial conduct comm. on hidden HOA attorney case: who let the cat out of the bag?). […]

  2. would be great if we could read your blog posts everyday. congrats for the hard work.

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