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What homeowners don’t realize is that they are at the mercy of total strangers who are their neighbors in an HOA. In order to make the HOA concept work, and to make them appealable to the masses, HOA officers and boards were given a free pass. No checks and balances and no state imposed meaningful […]

Ward Lucas:

Nobody in the world crystallizes the problem better than you do, George. With Las Vegas totally collapsing, what plan would you submit to the Governor or Legislature there, and what plan would work with every state? And do you believe, as I do, that the entire national HOA structure is corrupt?


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  1. Well if you take a good look around, just to name a few, North Carolina, Texas, Georgia, Las Vegas, here in Illinois, Hawaii also, a couple just won a 3.8 million lawsuit against their HOA for wrong doings. (The list goes on)

    The problem is when government, legislators and judges sweep it under the rug, they tend to listen to these CAI lobbyists who say they speak for the Homeowner, ask most homeowners, most will have no clue they exist and what role they play, but they have the power because in most cases fund campaigns. Why would anyone believe this is isolated has anyone truly investigated this issue, this is why we are in this situation.

    Most legislators have no clue that the laws in place hurt us the homeowners because this is not important enough to put it on their priority list, and all along people are losing their houses.

    These laws tend to sound good, but do they take a good look at what they are passing? Do they look at the big picture that these lobbyists make money off contracts, lawyers etc. because they all belong to their trade organization, do they just take what these lobbyists (CAI) tell them. Heck they don’t even acknowledge their status as a trade organization but allow them to speak for homeowners.

    They give associations a free ride, because they have no oversight, it becomes the perfect storm for corruption at its best, if you want to break the law run an association, there is no oversight, and don’t worry about suing the homeowners can’t afford it and government won’t step in, what is the actual benefit to counties and states, wouldn’t they make more in taxes? I pay for county roads, schools and etc out of my taxes and also pay for roads in the HOA, double taxing at its best, association lawyers usually CAI lawyers can twist the law in your favor mostly because the judges in most cases are not up to par with real estate law and seem to forget our constitutional rights or can’t decide which applies, corporation law, condo law, CICA Act, state statues, etc….. I’m sure a lawyer can find a loop hole with all this to choose from.

    I love when people say if you don’t like it move or run for the board, when your home is less than 50% of what you paid for it, less than the neighborhoods without the HOA and you are taking care of an elderly parent, this does not become an option,if I could pack up and leave I sure would, maybe there should be a lemon law for associations, if its not what you paid for they should buy it back.

    People need to do their research before opening their mouth, do you think all of us homeowners nationwide do not know what they are talking about or do you think associations would like to make it seem like the average homeowner is stupid I guarantee their not, unless you were at closing you do not know what was handed or said to the buyer.

    Next time you tell someone but you know what you signed, do you honestly think that real estate agents would be able to sell homes in HOA’s if they told people that once they buy this home, you will have no protection under the law and sign here the constitution and your civil liberties no longer apply.

    If you don’t like it run for the board. love this when the same people have been here since the beginning of time, otherwise known as the Good Ole Boys a network of cronies, they have allowed residents other cronies to open and seal envelopes by telling blatant lies and then tape and re seal….You will have no chance.

    The government gave them free reign of power. Each and everyone one of them should be investigated and forensic audited and if your on the up and up your good to go, if not they should pay. they should no longer make up their own rules bottom line
    they should make them abide by the constitution,most not all of these people are not educated enough to run a corporation and they are not equipped to handle millions of dollars, they are not CEO’s, most have personal agendas that do not speak for the majority.

    If you speak out look out, that is when the harassment, intimidation and citations start. THIS HAS TO STOP!

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