Are HOAs part of this country, this community, or are they secessionist?

“While Terry believes HOAs wield far too much power, Marta Gore has a different opinion. “We all want our property values to increase. In order for them to increase, we all have to hold to a certain standard,” said Gore.”

And that requires, as history has well demonstrated, strict enforcement of the rules to coerce obedience to the objectives of the state[1], which flows not from the US Constitution, but from the HOA organic law based on The Homes Association Handbook and UCIOA[2]. Wait, wait . . . do you hear the refrains of Deutschland uber alles, the adopted hymn of HOA-Land?

HOAland, HOAland über alles,

Über alles in der Welt,

Wenn es stets zu Schutz und Trutze

Brüderlich zusammenhält.

. . . .

HOAland, HOAland über alles,

Über alles in der Welt!

HOAland, HOAland above everything,

Above everything in the world,

When, for protection and defence, it always.

takes a brotherly stand together.
. . . .

HOAland, HOAland above everything,!

Above everything in the world!
“Gore is with Texas Community Association Advocates; an organization that represents hundreds of HOAs in Texas. The McKinney resident says a few abusive HOAs give the rest of the industry a bad and undeserved reputation.”

Why are they continually opposing reforms to hold the rogue and intentionally wrongful HOAs accountable to the state, and to demand good corporate citizenship.  Are they saying that it’s not the job of our HOA, that it’s not in the CC&Rs?

 See Powerful HOAs Leave Many Texans Feeling Homeless


1. HOA Gestapo tactics — the slippery slope steepens

2. Legislative protection of HOAs: replacing US organic law with HOA organic law

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