Colorado report on HOA problems needs to be corrected

The Colorado real estate department issued its first report on the state of HOAs and condos for 2011, raising some questions of integrity. A total of all the complaints in the chart shows 893 complaints, or almost twice as many as proclaimed. In fact, totaling the listed percentages show almost a doubling to 194.2%. See the chart link below, where “adj pct” is the “normalized” percentages.

The normalized analysis shows that all the complaint types that can safely be attributed to governance issues, the top 16 in the table, make up 84.3% of all complaints. And, those 4 explicitly stated management complaint,  amount to 31.1% of all complaints.

If those in power refuse to face the reality before them, then they live in a delusional world where effective reforms can never occur. And where there are unjust laws, then the government is seen as illegitimate and not representative of the people who are the State of Colorado.

See Colorado report

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  1. I live in Colorado and have an identical situation to the i Telford v. Sagewood HOA. A homeowner, who is a real estate agent, and volunteers on the ACC committee in our neighborhood sold a home to a developer behind us. They got approval from people not affected and we have 8 windows that face the new addition. The other ACC members that sign off on the approval never came by the property. The real estate agent was selling the home to the developer then approving the Acc application and reselling the remodeled home, profiting twice. We sued, they hired big downtown lawyers through Travelers Insurance and got a Summary Judgement against us. We are now waiting for our fee hearing with a total running somewhere close to $150,000! I don’t know what we’ll do! I set up a website, we were never allowed to say anything till now and I want to scream at the unfairness and injustice here!

  2. Less than 900 complaints from over 8,000 HOAs in Colorado means that only 10% of HOAs generate complaints (assuming that each complaint comes from a separate HOA).

    900 complaints from about 2 million residents means that less than 5/100 of 1% filed a complaint.

    Obviously, most people are happy with their HOAs.

    • Or apathetic — what’s the point? The game is rigged. And that 10% is the cost of making other people happy? Let them suffer! Not my problem.

  3. “Since HOAs are very local and small, participants are often neighbors and hence have incentive to settle disagreements in a civil manner.”

    – “Free-Market Alternatives To Zoning”
    The Independence Institute (self-described as “Colorado’s Free Market Think Tank”)
    February 28, 2009

    • No, they run to the enforcement ageny to whom they are paying protection — the HOA.

  4. […] 1.       Colorado report on HOA problems needs to be corrected. […]

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