Why has pubic policy favored HOAs with their denial of member rights and freedoms??

Could it be the effect of a corporate – legislator alliance?  Last year, ALEC, the American Legislative Executive Council, proposed model legislation that promoted local government by means of restrictive covenants. Yes, that’s right! And supported by none other than The Goldwater Institute.

A model law authorizing a transition from government-controlled local zoning and planning regulations to private restrictive covenants.

(See the 2011 report, Model Legislation, Decentralized Land Use Regulation Act).

The following quotes are from the Arizona Capitol Times article by Jeremy Duda,

ALEC, a conservative state lawmakers’ organization known for drafting model legislation for members to sponsor in their respective states.

“John Loredo, a former Democratic legislator, said ALEC woos lawmakers with trips, fancy meals and expensive gifts to promote its ‘extremist agenda.’

With many of the 56 Arizona legislators – all Republicans – who are ALEC members” [That’s 56 out of 90 legislators!]

See APS ending ALEC membership; SRP considers doing same.

Read more about ALEC here

ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council, is a one-stop shop for corporations looking to identify and cultivate friendly state legislators and then work with them to get special-interest legislation introduced and passed.”

Shades of corporatocracy and fascism!

Find out just what Arizona legislators are ALEC members. See the above ALEC report.

NOTE the reference “in their respective states” above. See if ALEC is active in your state.



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