Wrongful death suit filed against California HOA

A wrongful death suit was filed against California HOA by homeowner’s family. As I wrote in, If Trayvon HOA is sued, who should share the blame?, there’s a lot of blame to go around for creating an atmosphere that the HOA has a “free ride” and is immune from accountability.

According to the lawsuit, the defendants knew by September 2009 that Olga Martinez had a restraining order against her husband, Napoleon E. Castro, and that he posed a potential danger to her.

It was expected that defendants would provide a level of care in whom they admitted to the secured housing area in the gated community and restrict unauthorized visitors,” the suit states. “Defendants breached their duty of care by permitting …Castro to enter the building.”


(My emphasis).

Daughter of slain Pacoima woman files wrongful death suit against condo complex’s HOA

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  1. We must hold acountable: The insurance companies that have profitted obscenely in the HOA hoax…the management companies that suck the liberty out of our homesteads…, and especially the legislators who are part of this gang of thieves called the Mandatory Associations Foreclosing in America. We must cull the heard of corporate renogades and tyrants…all who claim “homeowners agreed to these “contracts” when they bought their American dream homes”.

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