tort suit against HOA brings homeowners $3.9 million in awards

Here are the tort suits that  can be brought against almost any rogue or knowledgeable Board that intentionally ignores the laws. Note there’s only one complaint for a breach of contract. Keep them this in mind!

The decision in a jury trial of a suit against a condo in Hawaii brought,

“The jury found the condominium association’s board of directors, and its employees and agents violated state condominium laws. They were also found to be engaged in a variety of illegal acts including racketeering, civil conspiracy, gross negligence, malicious prosecution, breach of contract, and both negligent and intentional infliction of emotional distress.”

Jury awards $3.87 million in Molokai condo dispute

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  1. I wish I could get the legal advocacy to stop this rogue board headed by a police lt who is greedy, power-hungry and adept at manipulation as well as intimidation. Here in ft lauderdale the legal specialists in hoa law favor the board as the client – they have the resources – and shun the victimized member. Seemingly, a matter of business which I can understand – I’m scared of this board leader, the police lt – but will take my chances if a true advocate sees merits in my case.

    • Thanks for the article….may have to use it, as when got onto our board about going against the CC&R, they just laughed and said who will know, except for the one’s running the board. All it takes is one case to be one in court & more will follow….Thank the Hawaii HOA for their win on a corrupt board….guess I will have to get busy on ours now

  2. Good to know there is some justis out there. wish the board of my HOa could see this article, mzybe then they would abide by the cc&R’s and not their own agendas

  3. I would take the 3 million sell the house for whatever I could get. Purchace a new home as far away from an HOA as I possible could.

  4. Well, its about time one of these rouge Boards was brought to justice!

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