AZ House supports HOA dominance over municipalities

In an unbelievable acquiescence to the secession of legitimate public government control to private government HOAs, this bill, SB 1113, regulating public streets within HOA subdivisions,  was soundly rejected by the House Judicial Committee. Welcome to the New America of HOA-Land brought to you by your elected representatives who take an oath to uphold the Arizona and US Constitutions.  The bill was defeated 2 – 6.

The only worthwhile commentary was from the Chair, Rep. Eddie Farnsworth, who concluded with, “I find it disturbing that this committee rejected this bill because the police says its too difficult to enforce.”  Nationally known Sheriff Joe Arpaio was against the bill.  Farnworth also remarked that the political realities of the 2,000 member exclusion amendment was needed because of the “highly paid lobbyists like the one you see before you,” referring to CAI lobbyist DeMenna.

And still, there are those who truly believe that the Constitution is only about the absolute right of HOAs to write contracts that supersede the Constitution.

I am continually amazed that some legislators still use this as an excuse to stop bills that seek to reign in lawless conduct by HOA boards.   Legislators who do not want to hold boards accountable under the laws of the land are condoning HOAs as above the laws of Arizona, above the Arizona and US Constitutions.  Surely they must realize this.  Surely they do not realize the consequences of this unexplainable position on HOAs.

The failure of the Judiciary Committee to pass this very important bill to prevent private entities from usurping legitimate government functions is very disturbing.  The purpose of a committee is to recommend a bill for the entire body to consider, and not to kill such an important bill and thereby not giving all the elected representatives  their due voice.   This is politics under the influence of special interests.

If the HOA boards and officers refuse to join our democratic society, then they should be allowed to fail!  It is unconscionable to do otherwise!  If this is too much for some people, that their “free ride” is over, well, then they can just move out!

Once, long ago, America had people of character, of integrity and of honor.  Now, it’s just “what’s in it for me” and “how will it affect my legacy” — self-centered concern about themselves and not about their responbilities and duties as public servants for the people.  The people have the right to expect that their elected representatives would protect their rights and freedoms under the Constitution, and not to support the unconstitutional delegation of legislative powers to private entities.

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  1. who voted against this so we know who to vote out next election?

    • All Judiciary members except Farnsworth and Harper.

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