Is there a CAI game plan to rewrite HOA CC&Rs to restrict member voting powers?

It appears to me that the 2012 CAI game plan is to completely rewrite the CC&Rs. This makes it about 1/2 dozen cases that I’ve heard in the past 6 months, and all seem to restrict the powers of the homeowner by not allowing homeowners to vote on important issues.

As an example, the current LA Times HOA column by Donie Vanitzian, “Homeowner association can’t adopt new bylaws without owners’ OK”,  deals with a question of a rewrite of the CC&Rs with provisions to exclude homeowner voting on certain issues involving IRS overpayments. This excellent article touches upon a serious move by  attorneys to further entrench the board of directors as a dictatorship. BEWARE!

One malicious rewrite is to permit minority voting control for assessments, amendments to the CC&Rs, and taking on outside loans/debt (CAI attorney). Minority control comes in the form of, for example as such a bill mandating minority rule was defeated in Arizona last year, a 2/3 vote of those in attendance with a 50% quorum, which gives 1 /3 vote to approve issues. (CAI attorney sponsored).

Now, they are going directly to the members who are well known to be apathetic and there’s a very good chance that they will sign on without even reading the details. One rewrite includes a 50% reduction in the quorum until a quorum is met, which would allow the political machine to adjourn the meeting and recall it every 5 minutes until they win. A second method, as I just witnessed, is to permit a 2/3 vote of the board to settle matters in the event that a quorum is not attained at the second meeting. (CAI attorneys).

In Arizona, SB 1476 would put a stop to CC&Rs that ignore member voting on CC&Rs amendments, and other restrictions on board acts to quash democracy in HOAs.. Minority rule, especially with the well know abuse by HOAs, is a very dangerous power as it would allow the political machine, the clique in power, to completely alter the CC&Rs o completely ignore any voting by the members, even to allowing future directors to be appointed by a “select” committee of current board members. And all would be legal, according to numerous court decisions, so long as the procedures specified in the CC&Rs are followed. Period!

What we are seeing here is CAI attorneys acting to promote seditious acts that undermine our Constitution and democratic society with its basic principal of majority control.

What we are seeing here is CAI creating and establishing HOA fascist governments where the HOA state objectives are first and foremost — to support the HOA corporation aided and abetted by corporate interests – the attorneys and management firms, the “hired hands.” The second part of the fascist form of government, in order for it to succeed, is the need to suppress individual rights and freedoms as we see with HOAs, and as we heard from CAI, “the unwise extension of constitutional rights to the use of private property by members . . .” (CAI amicus brief to NJ appellate court in Twin Rivers).


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  1. “H.O.A. power, gained by legislation, even without physical violence, is still violence.”

    -Ron Paul in some alternate universe

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