Where are the volunteer HOA board members?

“We’ve been unable to even elect officers,” Freedman said during a state (WA) Senate hearing this week on a bill that would allow homeowners’ associations to lower their quorum requirement to 34 percent through the county court system.

(Homeowners’ associations ask state for help)

The downside of the great and glorious innovation in housing is hitting hard, because the defective legal scheme provides for no downside protections. As successful promoters well understand, and are so motivated, just sell the upside and don’t worry about the downside. Everybody eagerly bought into this sales pitch, and still are, including state legislators.

And lowering quorum requirements only allows the political machines and cliques to retain even more power of their failing HOAs.

As covered in this week’s CHDB blog by Patel (AZ CAI law firm in Arizona headed by CCAL president-elect Carpenter), Where are the volunteer board members? (No Board – Now What?). The end result is that HOA corporations require a board in order to legally function, and the state will wind up having to protect their “investment” in planned communities/HOAs by the courts appointing Receivers to run these HOAs, or let them fail. An alternative not clearly spelled out in the CAI blog.

The unaccountable “free ride” of doing as I please without fear of enforcement penalties under state laws is coming to a close as a direct result of the uncontrolled abuse within the HOA industry.  As a direct result of the actions of homeowner rights advocates, and the few media willing to tell it like it is, state legislators are beginning to see the light and put an end to these independent principalities.

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