NC media “tells it like it is” and reports HOA information

It is quite a pleasing surprise to see the North Carolina media cover the important HOA hearing that took place for 3 hours yesterday by the House Select HOA Committee, led by the Charlotte Observer. The NC media has lived up to its obligations to provide a free press that covers all sides of the issue, like it or not, which is necessary for the proper functioning of a democracy. That’s why “free speech” protections were made the First Amendment.

I congratulate the proactive NC HOA homeowner rights advocates for their successful campaign to get the message out. The policy makers and the buying public need the whole truth in order to make sound decisions. Among the leaders are Jim Lane, Jane Jordan and Ole Madsen. Keep it up! Keep the ball rolling, and remember Gandhi, “We must continue to provoke until they respond and change the laws.”

You know, having attended years of Arizona legislative committee hearings, every now and then I would get a whine from a legislator, “When are we going to hear the end of HOA complaints?” I answered, When the legislature gets things right and stands up for the Constitution, and that starts with an open mind to all the facts. Local community government must truly be “of the people, by the people and for the people,” and not by profit-seeking developers with their top-down cramming of covenants, and government officials selling out their obligations to the people for a few shillings.

The perceived benefits of the planned community real estate package of ‘district’ ordinances and taxes and ‘private’ amenities can remain under a government that retains our constitutional system of democracy.  There are no excuses for this not to happen.  It is only when the facts get out for an open discussion will this happen.  Thanks again to the NC media “telling it like it is.”

See, advocate’s 10-point statement to NC HOA committeeHOAs today do not exist for the benefit of HomeownersStatement to NC Select HOA Committee.

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