advocate’s 10-point statement to NC HOA committee

NC activist Ms. Jane Jordan plans to deliver her statement to the NC House Select HOA Committee in person.

 “THESE ARE ‘OUR’ homes and not the board member’s homes. THESE are OUR monies in HOA dues and not the board’s monies. . . . There are NO EXCUSES for some of the problems that have literally traumatized our lives to a lesser quality.

Here are the areas of Ms. Jane Brawley Jordan’s 10 point program:


Education of board members

Audits mandated yearly

Enforcement agency

Equal representation if a lawsuit is taken on

ANTI-SLAPP legislation

A property manager’s licensing law

Oversight for fair voting procedures

No abuse by association attorneys

A support group




 JANUARY 23, 2012

 1) THANK YOU – Thank you Co Chairs Justice and Jordan, House Representatives Burr, Hastings, Howard, McCormick, Moore, Spear, Weiss, Wilkins, Mr. Stiles and Ms. McGinnis and Mr. Attifal (sp). for allowing us as concerned homeowners to speak today. I have listened in intently to the previous meetings you held on November 16, 2011 and December 5, 2011 and was most impressed with the comments made and discussions of possible solutions. THANK YOU.


 I am Jane Brawley Jordan who lives in Charlotte, North Carolina and am a part of a homeowner’s association. I have lived in North Carolina all of my life and was born in Statesville, North Carolina and then lived in Mooresville, North Carolina until I attended college in both South Carolina, Erskine College and then graduated after transfer from UNC-Chapel Hill with a Bachelor of Arts in Education. I have resided in Charlotte, North Carolina since 1973 and have serve d in several capacities civically serving on two homeowner association boards. The first one a pleasant experience and the second board being a nightmare. This has affected the quality of my life in a most horrible way. This is the reason I am here today.


 Our homes are our havens. Where we find rest, peace and social climate that is conducive to a good life. The first thing I would like to address is the attitude of the hearts and minds of only some elected board members who serve their community. Not all homeowner association boards are bad. There are some very good ones who care and show genuine concern for ALL members of the association equally. However, it is the wrongful attitudes that seek to abuse power in the huge problems among not just a few, but now citing many across our state and the already cited problems in your summary after the 2010 public hearings that pose grave concerns about all of us as present and future homeowners. Therefore the need for tangible solutions. The attitude of the heart is to SERVE . A servant’s heart. THESES ARE “OUR” homes and not the board member’s homes. THESE are OUR monies in HOA dues and not the board’s monies. Board members are entrusted to use our monies held in trust to provide upkeep of our properties and show accountability of our finances. It does not matter if they are not paid to do this work serving on a non profit. There are NO EXCUSES for some of the problems that have literally traumatized our lives to a lesser quality. Somehow the cart has been put before the horse. WE AS HOMEOWNERS FOOT ALL THE BILLS. The proper respect must be shown if HOAs are continued to exist at all.

 Therefore, I present my own ten point plan that will help to solve the problems we now face.

 1) Disclosure – of all Covenants and Restrictions and the By Laws to any potential buyer BEFORE the closing date of any purchased property. This has already been affected. GOOD JOB.

 2) Education of board members who report in to an oversight agency with area examiners for each general municipality. If the board members do not study the Chapter 47 laws and pass a test they do not get to serve on the board.

 3) Audits mandated yearly ( as is written into my HOA By Laws and I believe most of them. If a board does not comply, they are FINED by the oversight committee elected hopefully within the North Carolina Real Estate Commission. Such funds for fines being half to go to the NCREC or oversight committee and the other half to the cash reserves for the community. These audits are to be done on time and not delayed.

 4) Enforcement agency to warn, fine or remove board members who do not follow the Chapter 47 laws and their respective By Laws, using “reason” and to follow their own rules with submitted proof of these indiscretions by any homeowner . The using “reason” is where most of us are finding huge problems and where the abuse occurs. If a board does not hold the legally noticed Chapter 47 NOTICE for a board meeting with any homeowner noting any violation or concern by the board, the board is to be held accountable. That they cannot then jump to suing or fining a homeowner.

 5) Equal representation if a lawsuit is taken on as we as homeowners pay into the monthly insurance premiums and yet only the board members who are also equal homeowners get free representation. This is a conflict of interest if we are paying for the other side’s defense. We as the homeowners have to pay out of pocket but we also pay for the premiums to fund the insurance attorney for the board members. THIS IS NOT RIGHT.

 6) ANTI-SLAPP legislation that 23 other states have, …(which may be exclusive of just the HOA problems and for other problems also) .THAT “IF” the By Laws are not followed with proof, if there is no dispute resolution process that has taken place, that no retaliatory lawsuit can be filed by the board member responsible. SOMETIMES retaliatory lawsuits are taken on for a homeowner who owes NO HOA dues and even OWNS their home free and clear or not, is attacked in lawsuits only for a homeowner complaining that the board minutes are not made available, the walk through reports for violations are not made available, the audits are not made available, and the financials are not made readily available and therefore such complaints are filed with the NCREC if the property manager has a licensed realtor in the business or the Better Business Bureau then the homeowner should NOT BE SUED.

 7) A property manager’s licensing law to mandate that ALL property managers be trained, educated and licensed as to the Chapter 47 laws and that they be held accountable in order to keep their license with a process included for complaints by any submitting homeowner.

 8) Oversight for fair voting procedures with NO proxies for important agenda that needs to be discussed at the community meetings involving large amounts of money. A candidate from the board of elections could be chosen to do this as their job.


9) No abuse by association attorneys – Limits on what association attorneys can do as far as upping fees for foreclosure after the homeowner has agreed to pay and does so in time according to their submitted finances to show the board and the association attorney what they can pay and when.

 10) A support group to help any homeowner who does not know what to do to be able to go to for this kind of education and support with a website link for training and who to contact.


THANK YOU FOR YOUR WONDERFUL SUPPORT IN SEEING THESE THINGS ACCOMPLISHED so that the quality of our lives are enhanced in the state of North Carolina. That we as North Carolina can be a leader in this area and model for the rest of the nation. That people will WANT to live in North Carolina and bring their businesses here due to the timely caring responses from those elected to serve over our homeowners association. That we can be proud of our actions starting today to make for these law changes to protest us all. That some day someone will be walking down the street and be able to say,

 “I am where I am today with a quality life and still have my home due to the wonderful representatives and the caring citizens of North Carolina. “

Thank you,

Jane Jordan


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  1. Definitely believe that which you said. Your favorite justification appeared to be on the
    web the simplest thing to be aware of. I say to you,
    I certainly get irked while people consider worries that they plainly do not know about.
    You managed to hit the nail upon the top and also defined out the whole thing without
    having side-effects , people can take a signal.
    Will probably be back to get more. Thanks

  2. Just as big a problem here in Arizona! Worst offenders are developer/declarants who re-write Design Guidelines to accomplish whatever they want. Raising/lowering minimum sq. ft. +/- 1,000 sq. ft. is just one example of many more. They have absolute power with their own employees serving on the “board” and committee of architectures with no home/lot owner representation until every lot they own is sold! Hopefully we can address that here in AZ.

  3. I also attended the hearing and, as a secretary of two HOAs, I spoke in defense of HOA boards of directors. Board members are volunteers who donate their time and efforts to the maintenance of the quality of life of their neighborhoods. Board members are not the enemy–they are your neighbors who pay must pay the same assessments and follow the same rules. I was elected in an open election and can be recalled by petition of the homeowners. Board members are called upon to handle difficult situations on an ongoing basis and should be recognized for their service to their communities.

  4. Sad isn’t it? State & Federal laws that are in place to protect homeowners should over-rule an HOA who sets CC&R & Bylaws that are not within compliance to such laws.

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  6. […] advocate’s 10-point statement to NC HOA committee,  HOAs today do not exist for the benefit of Homeowners,  Statement to NC Select HOA […]

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