HOAs today do not exist for the benefit of Homeowners

The following are  excerpts taken from the statement by  Jim Lane, Founder, NC HOA Laws Coalition, to the NC Select HOA Committee Hearing on Jan. 23, 2012.

We all look forward to our collective and joint efforts “to see the world anew” and to eliminate the Harm being done by HOAs to Homeowners, everywhere, not just in NC. . . . HOAs today do not exist for the benefit of Homeowners … which is VERY CLEAR to everyone who lives in an HOA Community.

It is the CCRs and Bylaws and the Mini-Government / Dictatorship created by our HOA “Laws” (as written by and for the direct benefit of HOA Attorneys, Developers and Property Managers) that is the ROOT CAUSE.

We are asking for a HOMEOWNER TASK FORCE be appointed by the Legislature to COMPLETELY INVESTIGATE and to COMPLETELY revamp ALL of the Laws …

Read the complete statement at  Lane.


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  1. The issue here, people are fed up with how and who is running the homeowners’ association and how they abuse the homeowners’ and use the very money they pay into the association against them, somehow I find conflict in that. The new laws that where passed this year do not do enough. Are our State Legislators really listen to us or are most of them in the pocket of the developer/home builder, then don’t vote for the legislators who does not pass new laws. If I pay property taxes I get to vote but if I pay HOA Fee’s my vote does not count, plus how the board members are voted on the board by developer who can out vote. The fact the developers exempt themselves from paying any HOA Dues but yet they can vote, I find this so Un American by our rights of freedom, HOA have in fact become little communist ruling Countries. Florida and many other states have to bring HOA Reform with more homeowners’ rights where it does not cost them their home or blood. It is time to get rid of HOA’s, we did not have them when we grow up and our communities did just fine didn’t they. Right now Poinciana HOA community is trying its best to become a city with over 47,000 homes and the abuse of the HOA runs ramped they are in fact out of control. Dam I feel like I don’t live in the United States. The HOA just spent $80,000 to change the image of Poinciana it is not the community image that needs to change but the developer and HOA. Like many other states HOA’s were put in place by developers/home builders. Right now the only way we can change that is not to move into one of these communities ever let them become ghost towns see what happens to the developer and home builder. But we the people have suffered enough at the long arm of HOA’s/developers/homebuilders. Gives us freedom gives us back our homes.

  2. […] advocate’s 10-point statement to NC HOA committee,  HOAs today do not exist for the benefit of Homeowners,  Statement to NC Select HOA […]

  3. I totally agree with the opinions expressed here regarding the onerous nature of Hoas. I, myself have become the victim of an Hoa that is trying everything in their power to foreclose on my condo, despite my good faith efforts to pay them from rentals gathered on my property. I pray for the powers that be to ammend the laws so that we are all protected from these legal thieves.

  4. As they exist today HOAs are a money-generating racket full of abusive practices, under the guise of protecting property values – while actually destroying the desirability of homes in their fiefdoms.

    In addition, with no actual disclosure of their onerous and abusive nature, peddled as friendly community-run committees – they don’t show their fangs until you sign on the dotted line.

    Freedom from abusive practices and lack of disclosure of the true contentious nature and financial secrecy of HOAs is sorely needed!

    Thank you again, Mr. Staropoli. You, and not our apparently deaf or noncaring representatives, are one of the only ones trying to make a real difference for the millions trapped in abusive communities.

    Judith L. Corey MD
    New Orleans, LA

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