The failure of 39 years of CAI seminars: ignore HOA homeowner-member concerns

In keeping with its service to HOA management, and not to the homeowner-members, the Shaw-Lines web page declares, ‘We also provide annual seminars on legislative changes affecting associations’ legal rights.” Now, Augustus Shaw IV seeks input from the management/professional class: Shaw & Lines Lunch and Learn Topic Survey: (Oct. 18, 2011)

Which of the following topics would you most like to see addressed at a Lunch and Learn?

     Show Me the Money – How to Collect Assessments in a Sluggish Economy.
Fair Housing Laws and Community Associations – How to Avoid a Fair Housing Lawsuit.

Mr. and Mrs. Curmudgeon – How to Handle Difficult Homeowners.

Association Record Keeping – What Records a HOA Has to Keep, How Long They Must Keep Them and Owner Records Requests.

Changes in the Laws Affecting Community Associations.

How to Conduct Board Member Training – Key Issues Every HOA Board Should Be Taught.

What Every Community Should Know About Association Insurance.

I’ll Sue! How to Properly Address and Handle Owner Threats of Suit.

Apathy Abounds – How to Increase Member Participation in Your Community Association.

Know Your Acts from a Hole in the Wall – Understanding the Condominium, Planned Community Acts and Non-Profit Corporations Acts.

I ask, and ask: Who speaks for the homeowner?

Definitely not CAI. Definitely not the Leadership Centre or the HOA Academy in Arizona, or any of those associations of HOA associations nonprofits found throughout the states, like ECHO or SCHOA, or those management firm organizations of alleged professionals, like AACM or CACM. And definitely not those towns/cities that sponsor seminars by CAI attorneys and/or CAI trained managers.

I speak for the homeowners! See HOA Constitutional Government and Citizens for Constitutional Local Government.

These websites, and comments under HOAGOV, inform homeowners of their rights, which among others include such topics as,

Of course, I do not expect invitations to speak at these government sponsored seminars to come pouring in, for obvious reasons.


Disclaimer:  Oh yes, for the record, I am not a lawyer and I do not provide legal advice. See a lawyer for legal advice.

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